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  1. Will killing myself just so I can spawn as a male (which my character is) be against the rules? I really don’t wanna roleplay as a girl...
  2. Raul Martinez is an American journalist who received an anonymous tip from someone residing within Chernarus detailing what was described as, "mass panic". Thinking it was the second coming of civil war, he immediately boarded the first plane to Chernarus, but quickly learned in the coming days that it wasn't just civil unrest. In fact, no one what the fuck it was. Once he saw the shit storm that was the riots of Chernogorsk, he knew he needed to get out as fast as possible. His attempts to escape were futile, as he found himself constantly evading both infected and military. His last s.o.s went out to a passing cargo boat in hopes they would respond, but he lost contact after god knows what happened. That was when he realized it was him and Chernarus, now. He's come to terms with the fact that he was never gonna get out, and in the months that followed he slowly learned how to adapt; helping out strangers and trading as needed. Not once has he ever shot a gun at someone, and he hopes to never get to that point. All he wants to do is survive long enough to come back home.
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