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  1. Finally arrived, but where is he? Standing at the city border to Chernogorsk, the last known place for my lifetime friend and collegue. But where is he? We were both field mechanics in the Danish forces, but he was the one they send with the Nato forces to Chernarus to contain what ever happened here. My feet’s have carried me along the coastline to this town, after a storm sank the old fishing boat that would have taken me here. Now all I have left is my life, a notebook of memories of him and my travels and a drenched map in my hand. I promised I would find him… to his family back home in Denmark, and I don’t even know if he or they are still alive... But I promised to myself… I will find him… It took me three months to track down the people in the force who knew where he was send. And the same amount of time for me to realize nobody cared enough to get him back. What I didn’t know was that it would take me over a year more to get here. The world is now crushed everywhere I go, and in every soul, I meet on my path. So many have been lost… Still my feet carry me onwards in the search for him. Every day I wish it was me they had chosen to send out and not him… I have always been alone, I got no family… expect him… and he might not even be here… My travels. As much as I could I tried to get here by ship. I left Denmark at night on a cargo ship going across The Baltic Sea, nobody but his family knew that I was going, leaving the force without permission, it was already dissolving only half a year after the virus reach the Danish borders. Nobody would miss another field mechanic… only me and his family. It was a hard job to get anybody to talk. Everything seemed fine at the beginning onboard, I knew enough about the engines to keep them going together with an old man who I became friends with… He was the first I saw getting infected with my own eyes, the first one I had to put down myself... We have been shielded good from the outside world, but when that happen to him… that I had to take his life, that was when I realized I might not survive this mission I had put on myself… but here I am with no idea where to find my friend… Tim where are you?
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