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  1. Hunter Hayes is a farmhand from Kansas that used to hang around with the wrong crowd in town. He spent a lot of time outdoors with his father when he was young, and even went backpacking hunts both in Kansas and in other states. Because of this, he wasn't very interested in school. Leading him to become a farmhand, and this also lead him to despise wealthy individuals that were only successful in this plush modern world. He started to look into Anarchist dogma and began to become more and more indoctrinated in their beliefs. He eventually joined an anti-government militia-esque faction which further lead him to despise modern life. In this group, he also built upon his backpacking skills by learning survival techniques. After his group got into some trouble with the law, he fled the country and after a long and arduous journey ended up in Chernarus. After arriving in Chernarus he started working on a farm near Gorka. Due to this he, fortunately, was far enough away from ground zero to survive the initial consequences. After the infection spread and civilization collapsed, Hunter managed to survive using skills his father taught him in hunting back home. However, he realized that he could create a new civilization where he wouldn't be an outcast or a loser like he had been his entire life. So, he began setting out and gathering support. The only rule of his civilization is survival of the fittest, Hunter was tired of having people that couldn't survive a day without the comforts of modern life pushing him around and being condescending towards him his entire life. So he strove to create a place where one can use the end as a way to justify the means.
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