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  1. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: James Pierce Age:v 18 IC: 35 Country: England English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: Many years DayZ Standalone Experience: around 40 hours Roleplaying Experience: roughly 8 months of dayz RP experience in the past What kind of In Game role best describes you: Action, combat etc Have you been in any clan/group previously: The hosts, The Rogue initiative, 501st Additional notes: Would love to experience some great roleplay, still got room to learn Best way to contact you: PM Backstory: I didn’t think I’d end up losing it all, it all felt impossible, I was so secure right? I had just secured a huge deal for my company, It was about to be raking it billions all thanks to those countless long nights in the office. The time had spent away from my family was about to be repaid and I could be a real father and husband for once in such a long time. Christmas was around the corner and I had a few surprises in store for my family. A week away in japan over the Christmas holidays and a whole bundle of gifts for them all. We packed our bags and started our trip, a luxurious private jet was our premium ride to our destination. A few hours into our trip we needed to stop off for a short stay in chernarus to refuel for the large trip ahead and a light refreshment for the pilot. I had seen the media broadcasts on the news, some outbreak or something in the country, I hadn’t really paid mind to it, the media hadn’t played the usual scare tactics around this subject so I assumed it was fairly minor and put it to the back of my mind. As we touched down in chernarus I started to feel the media hadn’t really done the whole disaster justice. The runway was crammed with civilians trying to either escape the country or seeking shelter with military personal, air traffic chatter was none existent on the flight in, we had no idea of the chaos we had flown into. As soon as we landed and exited the jet a horde of civilians swarmed the plane asking for aid and assistance, trying to leave the distraught land. I hurried my family back inside to keep them ignorant to the fuss outside, my wife and I sheltered the children, they were only young and I didn’t want them to get worried or panic. “What are we going to do?” I asked the pilot, he took a moment to think. “I’ll grab some staff to help us fuel up and we’ll be out of here in no time sir”, he scurried out of the door locking it behind him and waded through the crowd. They banged and groaned outside on the jet, all the while Rosie and I kept the children’s ears muffled and rocked them. An hour had passed, the crowd was beginning to slowly disperse outside… Gunfire echoed through the trees, the crowd outside pricked up like deer and begin to hurry to shelter. Screams began to follow, and the sound of a fleet of trucks passing by. A lone man shuffled past the jet, he looked exhausted, and his clothes a ragged mess while what looked to be blood soaked. I took a close watch of the man through the nearby windows, he dragged his body along like he weighed more than he could carry and stood still to twitch his body while he gurned at the sky. I banged on the window to grab his attention, to find out what was going on outside. He swivelled clumsily and looked coldly and lifelessly back for a moment before beginning his movements towards me and the jet at a faster pace than his usual shuffle. His arms flailed to the window and he gnawed at the glass with bloody teeth, flesh hanging from between them. His excessive banging and yells started to make my children worried, I had to move him away to restore some peace until we figured out what was going on, I exited the cabin and tried to the lure the man from a distance, he darted towards me at a full sprint angry and determined. I dodged his advance and took shelter by the side of the jet, he surveyed where I had gone and spotted me shaking with my back to the plane. Once more he darted at me, this time I had to wrestle him away, gnashing teeth inches from my face. He was gaining some distance on me with his vicious snaps, with my remaining strength I tossed him to the ground but it meant nothing, he retook his stance and came back for more. This time I took the offense and slammed his head hard into the jet’s surface, brains and body parts squirted from the broken skull. I was taken back by what I had done, my head was awash with thoughts and fears, had I taken this man’s life, it was in defence I had to do something, I was a monster and a murderer… Years have passed from that day, many sleepless nights of recalling the first time I had to put down one of them, at least I think he was one… around 10 months back I lost my wife and kids to some group, I saw them taken from our shelter on the outskirts of chernarus while I was out one night looking for supplies, they headed inland, since then I’ve wandered in search of them. Hunting my family’s captors and searching for my family if they are still alive. I just hope I can see their beautiful faces one more time before the end, but even the memory of them becomes cloudier every day.
  2. #Hosts# Open Frequency [**.*mhz]

    *Dr. James flicks on his radio in the middle of an angry Russian man shout nonsense down the radio* *A chuckle is quickly silenced as to not alert a nearby hoard* "I see we have a few blinded fools on our radio frequency, we really should open it up to more of these people, i love a good laugh on our travels." *He recalls what the silly man just said and begins to chuckle once more* "We don't need to worry about their 'scary' manner, science sees through lies" "Dr. James signing out" *James flicks off his radio and continues to trudge through the field*
  3. Achievments

    Yes. Just yes!
  4. CS:GO Skin Giveaway [Winners announced]

    I'll take number 31 please, thanks for doing this by the way, it's very generous of you
  5. [SM][FINISHED] Host Compound "Outer Heaven"

    Looks in top order! Only down to the devs now
  6. Starting to play again.

    Hope to see you around soon! Welcome back!
  7. [LSC] LoneStar Caravans [Recruiting]

    Hope to see you guys in game, good luck with the group and maybe some contracts might be in the works between our groups if we can get some RP between us
  8. #Hosts# Open Frequency [**.*mhz]

    *A British male voice breaks through the radio static and starts to speak* "This is Dr. James Hall reporting from Chernarus, Supplies seem to be in good order, hopefully we can get this stuff shifted and make some connections doing so" *Moans and screeches can be heard in the background of the radio message* *The radio clatters to the ground, followed by the sound of gun fire* *The sound of scrapping is heard as the undead stumble over the radio, sending it underneath a desk* *The moans and screeches cannot be heard* *A faint voice is heard among the radio silence* "Where's that damn radio? one of them walkers must have landed on it" *Movement of objects can be heard* "THERE IT IS!" *The Dr reaches for the radio and resumes his message* "Sorry about that, a herd of walkers came by, anyway i'll be moving out, supplies to gather, i'll speak soon OVER!" *The message ends and radio static ensues*
  9. DayZRP CS:GO League [WIP]

    I wouldn't mind joining in with this, but I still have to get ranked have a few more games untill I get my rank
  10. ["The Hosts"]~[Open Recruitment]~

    Hope to see you soon gunner! drop by TS any time
  11. [SM][FINISHED] Host Compound "Outer Heaven"

    AWESOME! Staff please take notice
  12. Great post Ayton i agree with them all and well done with the Dark Dayz series, i'm really enjoying it, keep it up
  13. Shiro's Map Work Thread. [Continuing work]

    Great additions to the map! hope they all get approved