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  1. Linnea Bernskiöld, mostly goes by Linn. She´s 24 years old and a student on her way to becoming a ranger. Half swedish on her fathers side and half Chernarussian on her mothers, she has always had a longing for her mothers home country and after her father passes both her and her mother decides to move to chernarus to spend some time with the extended family. They had only been in the country for a couple of months when the outbreaks started to reach the small village where they where staying. She thought she never had to experience anything as horrifying as when her mother got infected and changed. She knew she had to protect her younger cousins cause what was standing in front of them was no longer her mother. At least that´s what she though at the time..but when she watcher her cousins get eaten by the friendly old lady next door...she felt like something had forever broken inside of her. She had no one now... ..time goes by and she does her best to survive in this new country and indeed in this new world. She meets new people but doesn´t stay around for long anywhere. She still feels broken but there´s really no time to focus on anything but survival.
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