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  1. Dalton Michaels is a staunch traditionalist-environmentalist. Originally from America, he felt the need to escape a rising tension within the country. His prepping habits took over when he began drawing up his bug-out plan, setting the destination for the forest-rich Chenarus. Once he'd set his assets in place, there was an itch. A feeling he couldn't sate from his urban abode. Dalton knew it may be irrational, but nonetheless he executed the plan early. Crossing the pond was no easy task. He had to make multiple trips for his mountains of gear with only a Cessna, and his barely-passing piloting skill. The tediousness of the trips started impact morale a bit, he even questioned himself. In the end though, he pulled through with considerable determination. The process took months, and a hefty sum of fuel money. After a rather long, stressful period of lugging his equipment across an ocean, he found himself finally settled into a camp, deep in nature's most obscure reaches. News of catastrophe for Dalton was quite delayed, and it brought some unforseen consequences. A horde found its way to his little slice of nature, thrusting him into a nomadic lifestyle without a majority of his supplies. Now he's damned to wander the wastelandish ruins of a once mediocre civilization.
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