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  1. Me.? Who am I? I am an ASE certified auto mechanic that loves to build, fix and take things apart and figure out how they work. I am (was) mid level management for a mid size company and in charge of all things fixed or maintained. I am an avid father and would do anything to try and get back to my daughter back in the states, as this is an dystopian scenario and I have been drifting for a long time and seen enough horror to come to terms with the fact that I will probably never see my daughter again. I am strong willed but at the same time know my limits. I am an avid individualist and have moral qualms with hierarchy's based around coercion. The betterment of man kind shouldn't sacrifice the rights of the individual. I was on vacation with a new love interest in eastern europe when the Apocalypse started. Haven't seen my love interest "Kelly" since the initial outbreak and the fire burning the hotel down in a suburb of Prague. I was swindled of my belongings with promises of a "man who could get me to my daughter in the states" who disappeared 8 days into our trip with what little supplies I was able to obtain and have been wondering ever since with the possibility of finding a way back to the states, the swindling guide had mentioned Chernarus. I am not hopeful but I have to check. I've lost count of the days. I am Jesse McDermit, but my friends call me "Chev or Chevelle". Nice to meet you
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