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  1. I was afk for a very short moment less then 2 mins and did not break charecter - in the woods yesterday when you held me captive I said all you guys were doing was causing us grief - I was carrying on that rp by saying this is what griefing people is - I also didn't use my normal speaking voice - I asked how you got in and said you shouldn't be able to - I belive you are the one brining up ghosting my report did not bring that issue up. Further I was stuck between the couch and the table and had to jump down had I been given more the 2 seconds I would have rasied my hands - as I said yesterday when you attacked us I will always cooperate - I also said in ooc chat that I was new to the game and to please be patient I do not remember the key binds as fast as maybe some players If an admin wishes to speak with me at any time I am avalable
  2. Server and location: S1 Slightly north of Severograd up the hill from the appartments (th safe house compound) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-06-11 23:50 approx Your in game name: Victoria Johnstone Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was in the kitchen when two men appeared one said something to the effective of "oh its the bitch" and I in character said "for fuck sakes now your just griefing" and I was shot in the head The same men had kidnapped me the morning before as I was cutting logs and killed several of my camp mates - the only reason giving was that when they came to the gate the day before and we did not let them visit and they found this unfriendly - no other rp ongoing or otherwise has happened between us. I did feel this was fail rp as it did not seem like a reasonable reason to kill or kidnap anyone however I chalked it up to maybe an idea on their part not going well. However with them coming back today and shooting me without RP I fear they will just continue to come back daily with no rp being established. 3 men (one with east Indian accent, one with an Irish accent, one american. Red arm bands is the only information I have.
  3. Victoria was born in a small town in the southern United States. Raised by a military father she was taught discipline and service. Being the baby of the family and the only girl she was well protected. Slowly watching as all five of her older brothers went off to basic training she dreamed of the day that she to would join them in service. Unfortunately, her father was a very traditional man and had some very old world views, he disapprove of her joining the army. Victoria was concerned about her father and brothers all deployed overseas, the rumors and whispers started coming threw friends at her father base, coupled with the lack of communication from her family caused her to take action. She talked a friend into letting her board one of the supplies ships. Unfortunately they were traveling to Chernarus. Victoria has yet to find world of her family, however she is smart and resourceful. With enough skills learnt in childhood to survive, she will continue to search for them and be of service just as her father taught her to
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