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  1. When I was 8 years old my mother and I left my father and brother with all the money and most of the furniture. We went to Russia to get away from my father, there my mother found a good job and a great house to raise me in. When I turned 14 I overheard my mother talking about my father coming to Russia to find us, apparently he turned to selling drugs so later that year he died in a "drug deal gone wrong". When I turned 18 I went back home to join the US national guard, I got through boot camp, then came sitting in a military base day after day bored out of my mind, until we got news that the dead were coming back to life eating people. I quickly left the marines to go back to Russia to save my mother, when I got there I searched day and night for my mother but no result. I then got stuck in Russia due to the undead becoming too powerful for airports to stay operational. I joined up with some other US marines and special forces to become mercenaries for people in need. I'm now 29 years old stuck with the same condition as my brother, we cant hit puberty therefore i'm stuck with the voice of a 15 year old.
  2. My name is Drake Williamson i'm 14 years old, and I lived with my father Drax Williamson when I lived in Texas. Well my father had to move to Chernarus to "start and new life" see I had no clue what the meant, but one night in Chernarus my dad told me he would be heading out and he'll be back in the morning. I being a 14 year old alone all night in some weird Russian house started to explore around, well somehow I ended up in my fathers bedroom, I looked all around for weird bags or hidden rooms. As I was leaving his room I bumped into a painting on the wall of my long past away mother, that opened up a little room. The room had pounds and pounds of USA 100 dollar bills, well I put back the painting that shut the room, and when in my bedroom and fell asleep. I woke up the next day at 2:33 to find that my dad was not home, later around 4:30 two men in black suits showed up to the front door. They told me that my father was a big time drug dealer and was killed last night in a drug deal gone wrong, and that they were his close friends. After that they took my crying self and the money to a funeral, where we berried the money with my father. That was 15 years ago, now i'm 29 years old with a very rare condition where I cant hit puberty, therefore I still sound like a 14 year old.
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