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  1. My name is Drake Williamson i'm 14 years old, and I lived with my father Drax Williamson when I lived in Texas. Well my father had to move to Chernarus to "start and new life" see I had no clue what the meant, but one night in Chernarus my dad told me he would be heading out and he'll be back in the morning. I being a 14 year old alone all night in some weird Russian house started to explore around, well somehow I ended up in my fathers bedroom, I looked all around for weird bags or hidden rooms. As I was leaving his room I bumped into a painting on the wall of my long past away mother, that opened up a little room. The room had pounds and pounds of USA 100 dollar bills, well I put back the painting that shut the room, and when in my bedroom and fell asleep. I woke up the next day at 2:33 to find that my dad was not home, later around 4:30 two men in black suits showed up to the front door. They told me that my father was a big time drug dealer and was killed last night in a drug deal gone wrong, and that they were his close friends. After that they took my crying self and the money to a funeral, where we berried the money with my father. That was 15 years ago, now i'm 29 years old with a very rare condition where I cant hit puberty, therefore I still sound like a 14 year old.
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