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  1. Name – Giovanny Benelli Age – 27 Height – 5’11” Parents – Nicoletta and Giuseppe Benelli Weight – 220 Birth Place – Bronx Birth Date – 12/14/1991 Occupation - Bouncer My name is Giovanny Brunelli. I was born and raised in the Bronx. My parents were illegal immigrants. They moved here 1/17/1986. I was an only child. I was 25 when ICE started to close in on Italian immigrants. I was terrified that my parents would get caught. I want to make sure they got there safely. I had some connections with the military. My wife Susan, her father had a military ship about to head off to Russia. I asked her father, Corian, if he would help me smuggle them. He agreed but said we had to be super careful for he could lose his job. He said that my parents would have to stay in one of the shipping containers. I was free to roam, as was Susan, my parents only got to eat once a day at 2am. It was the only time that the majority of the guys were off the deck and I could open the crate without drawing to much attention. Corian had a friend named Melo that would be able to get us the rest of the way, by plane, back to Italy. I had all of our money transferred to Italian money before we left for Russia. I had everything ready to go, but my plans couldn’t accord for what happened next The ship had blown an engine. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere. How was I supposed to get my parents out without everyone knowing? I decided that I was going to steal one of the life rafts and paddle there. I told Susan, kissed her and told her I would love her forever. That she could come visit me in Italy. I stole the raft and started on our way. I also stole some food and water but it wasn’t enough. After what felt like a month, we still haven’t hit land yet. Me and my father took turns paddling but we were both exhausted. I feel asleep next thing I know I am on the coast coughing up water. I got up and looked around but I couldn’t find my mother or father anywhere. They were no where to be seen. I stayed near the coast for a while but, I could find them anywhere. I was alone. I knew at that moment I would probably never find them. I went into a town. I saw someone walking across the street and I ran up to him but he just turned around and screamed in my face. He started charging towards me. I ran away and got into a house. They house had been cleared out of everything. Nothing and no one were there. Eventually the guy left me alone and I quietly left. I searched all the houses for people but nothing. Same thing, everything was emptied out. I walked into what looked like a restaurant and there was a person. She did the same thing she screamed at me and charged. I knocked her down but she kept coming. I stabbed he multiple times but it seemed like she was unphased. I stabbed her in the head and finally she stopped. She really smelled bad. She was decaying, I think. I think she was dead before I stabbed her. Could the apocalypse really be happening. All I know is I have to survive and find survivors.
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