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  1. Chip, may be gone...but his family is coming to look for their older brother.!
  2. Chip Lonegan pulls a pen out of pocket and grabs a old paper on the ground and starts writing as time runs out As I open my eyes in the my last shop in Zelenagorsk, I crawl over to the counter near the shelf. My nose broken, my left eye swollen shut, and my gun shot wound reopened from the beating I took. The blood is filled my clothes with the red warm blood from my body as I sit here and write on this paper. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for all those people I could not and those who are still out there, trying to make a difference. To the ones who haven't figured out why I did what I did for the people instead of raising my gun to every fight. This old man only wanted the people together and wanted them to see there is more out there together than to have everything all at once in the same place. Chip stops writing to press on his wound which is bleeding uncontrollably As for the CTF not sure what will happen when I'm gone but Seth if this reaches you son, just know I tried until my last breath, I sit here and turly foolish because I was being threatened for something I and the CTF had no idea what mess what was going on in Mogolifka and the wolf pack. The wolf pack came to Zelenagorsk last night and I believe to strong arm this old man for something that the CTF had no knowledge of the war that was taking place. For the ones I told not to come back to the shop it was for your own good, because I had a feeling someone was going to die, I would take a bullet for anyone of my friends or family. The wolf pack allowed me to be beaten, tied up strip of all my belongings, and left me to die...I never thought they would become the one thing they tried to fight in the past. I don't blame the wolf pack for doing something because themselves are too afraid join a better cause. I forgive them....Chip's starts coughing and looks at his hand and sees it's covered in blood from his mouth This is the end of my road, the things we do in life are the things we tried to change for the future for those who are lost and need alittle help. Son don't be angry because I'm going to be gone, and if your dead....well I will see you soon........I am Chip Lonegan and I'm will always be for the people and tell those who are looking, the good people are out there, you just have to ask the right questions. Chip becomes pale from the blood lost, Chip hands fall to his sides and splash into the pool of blood surrounding his body where he sits....Chip takes one last breath and says" For the people".... With that final word and last breath that leaves his body, Chip closes his eyes and his head falls down to his chest and passes away forever remembering those he loved, those he helped and those he couldn't........

    DayZRP 7th birthday!

    thank you


    It not if it works, I will rebuild always, because it's for the people!


    Well been away for far too long, time to rebuild!

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Looks amazing,
  7. Nice, good too see you again.
  8. @tjockis_swe is a good person, and the issue that happened was unfortunate, I know I'm not the person that should be appealing, but this person is one that usually is just managing the shop. I know I asked this person before if he could make another character for a different RP for a different role play, but he has expressed that it was extremely difficult to make his first character. Now I respect the decisions that were made by admins and CTF took the deal of bans, but I would rather give up my character that let this person be punished for ducking for cover. Please hear me, my guys only mean good and if I have to give up chip for this man I will, or I will take additional ban days...just don't want a good person have to make a new character, especially @tjockis_swe is amazing character to RP with, again I would give Chip for this man! Thank you admins and I respect your decision.
  10. yes, I'm aware good sir thank you. i will that in mind and thank you for the good talk.
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