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  1. I guess red is our color Lil brother @Niller
  2. Come back and frag with me 💚


    Jiri Wolfpack.png

    Beautiful... looks really good
  4. Aw sheet I remember.... gang gang!! Good luck boys!

    It hurts...

    "I will always love you mijo" I was always doing my best to look after you, even if you didn't see it!
  6. As well to you good sir... May the fourth be with you. This is the way!
  7. It’s been a pleasure meeting and rping with hector ig, as Han Lee. Gonna truly miss him. Definitely pouring one out for the homies lost tonight 😔 


    much love 



      Best part for me, was being able to carry my character through two whipes. Beside there always a new home for Hector some where. @tz

  8. Yes, been waiting for slings to my guy!!!
  9. Gonna miss Hector man, R.I.P Amigo! o7



      I'm going to miss him too

    2. Noble


      What is the next step for the great Yakmouth?

  10. I do agree with this, but at one point DayzRP and known for its hostile rp... and characters creativity. But this is my opinion and mine alone that Dayzrp has delivered and developed a different cover of hostile RP. The growing amount to of hands up or die seems to be the normal way and very little thought goes into rp if civilians or hostages comply. So really any hostile rp lately is been very low at standard. Most of the time it's take hostages, kill a few and than ask for perms to log. But this is standard in our server and we all have agreed to them on the server so there cannot be any ot
  11. Every throughout years of service on the server knows more and less this how the life of what we play and directly involve our play through no matter what wipe we play on. There is always a blankets stories with every character, but that's the way the game goes. So be happy on what you did. No matter how much ooc sh!t you get, no matter how much heat you get from a group that seems to want to get rid of you... it the game homie. I have enjoyed all of it.. yes my recent PK was very out of no where, but the injuries I was taken ic, there was no way in our stories to survive without being called
  12. Much appreciated, it was a pleasure conyo
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