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  1. Not everything needs to be handled via report, when you prefer to handle things in character in a way that generates roleplay for the folks involved.
  2. Oh well, can't wait to meet amigos
  3. POV- I and my passengers were driving down to the Soup Kitchen when we encountered two people on the side of the road. As we passed them we exchanged greetings and a shortly after one of my passengers said that one of them had pulled a gun. A moment later a shot was fired close enough to our vehicle (at 02:06:19 in the video) to be clearly heard, even with earplugs in. While I initially wanted to give the two the benefit of the doubt my men convinced me that we were fired at deliberately because the shot was so close, so we decided to go back and investigate what had happened. I dropped the others off and drove back toward the two who I suspected had shot at me and my men and I found them in roughly the same location. Once I spotted them I got out of the vehicle (around 2:08:48 in the video) without a weapon in my hands, and the two players approached me. Wanting to keep the situation calm, and not wanting to act until I was sure of what happened, I began to speak with the players before asking them if they had fired at my vehicle (around 2:09:04) and one of the players claimed that they had not fired at our vehicle, but rather that they had fired in the air just to see if we could see them. I then asked questions about who the shooter was, including what his name was, and the shooter changed his story (around 2:10:12) to claim that he had not been shooting in the air to see if we could notice them, but rather that they were shooting at the zombies that were chasing my vehicle. It was at this point I was getting rather suspicious because of the repeatedly changing story, and how close the shot had been to my vehicle. One of my men then spots a nearby zombie and turns to fire on it (around 2:10:52) and the shooter’s companion quickly pulls out what appears to be a submachine gun. I continued talking with the two while one of my men waves at another in our group and things quickly became more tense and escalate as the two players became much more aggressive. The shooter’s companion then raises and points his weapon directly at one of my men (around 2:11:06) and when I asked him why he had done so he claimed that he mistook my groupmate, who was wearing a yellow armband, a ghillie wrapped weapon, and a ghillie hood, for a zombie. At this point I felt that I was dealing with an unpredictable situation in which my vehicle had been shot at, the shooter had repeatedly changed his story, the shooter’s companion had acted hostile toward one of my men, and I appeared to be offered nothing but lies for an explanation for why these actions had taken place. It was only at this point (around 2:11:09) that I pulled my own weapon out. Despite all this, I continued to speak with the player and offered him a chance to finish telling his story. While we were still talking (around 2:11:52) my ally’s green Ada, which had been lagging behind our blue Gunter on the way to Soup Kitchen, finally found me and my men (presumably by following the sound of gunfire, although I did not know this at the time), as well as the shooter and his companion. It was only now that the remainder of our party had arrived that I informed them that I did not like having my life, and my family’s life, put in danger by being shot at that I demanded that they put up their hands (around 2:13:12) and that if they did anything else, they would be shot. Neither man initially compiled so I began counting down (around 2:13:17) from three, and even paused considerably after counting down to one. The shooter’s companion did not comply and raise his hands, and did not say anything whatsoever, and was shot for non-compliance (around 2:13:22). The shooter, who had also said nothing after being initiated on, then used an emote to make a heart shape with his hands, rather than raising his hands as demanded, and was shot by my groupmate for non-compliance (around 2:13:23). One of my men commented that the shooter had attempted to put his hands up, but you can clearly see in the video that this is not the emote that was performed, nor is it the emote bound by default to either of the keys immediately to either side of of the default for putting one’s hands up. All time stamps are from the unedited video posted earlier in this thread.
  4. He really means make sure you bring me drugs!!!!

    Page 20

    My boy.... She will come back to you!!!
  6. Thank you everyone and staff team!!!
  7. Naw, good group a guys and it will be interesting to see once again if it's the same as the last two.
  8. Hector starts to pack his thing up and his journal falls from his bag. So he sits in the door way of the house and starts to write "I wonder, how is it,.... That I put myself in a situation where I'm not sure what to do. I can't believe what I see the other day, and not sure what she is thinking...but what I feel is hard to let go. It's so hard for me to trust....so I ask a question to myself...do I continue to let it happen or do I tell her.... So is so much like me, but in her own way she kinda scares scares. Fuck it let's see what happens!!! STEVEN IS BACK......!!!!!
  9. I'm glad you had the respect to contact a member of the cartel..
  10. My boi, we have work to do!

    1. Killsceamguy


      Glad to be back boss

  11. Hector pulls out his journal and pen and starts to write again while sitting on the roof overlooking the hillside and country infront of him. "It's been a while since I have wrote anything in this book, man it feels like yesterday I was in Cherno.....wait!!!! FUCK...FUCK...the safe in Cherno...the lab, Steven always said, "if you ever you need answers or questions boss, I leave them in the safe.” "Fuck it...I'm packing and making a road trip to Cherno to look for something....at least if he left me some message or list I would feel better about letting him go." Hector stop writing for a moment and looks at the chess piece that marry gave him from her chessboard "To my daughter, I know your safe..I haven't seen your mother to tell her anything, but I miss you...I won't admit to Neo, because he think I would just get you killed, I don't care.....I miss you betting and winning shit while we be gambling throughout the night. Stay safe Mia amor." Hector closes his journal and grabs his things and gets ready to head out for Cherno
  12. I would rather tell them F5 than immediately shot them on the spot, especially if they are new to our community. But thank you for the input I'll relay the message to the guys.
  13. Yes, thank you all that we picked up tonight and had a bit of fun and let go, amazing characters and the fight boys at the end...top notch, many thanks to @Masonn and his boys for making a not so slow night!
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