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  1. My name is Hector Enrique Del Toro and some days I do not know how I am the thing that continues on in this world when so much else has been lost. The first of these losses came to me before I could even speak my name when my childhood was stolen by the Fathers of the Cartel family into which I was born, as they chose to raise me not as a son, to be nurtured and protected, but as the heir to an international empire that would be forged into a cunning weapon. More would would be taken from me each passing year, without my even knowing, as I grew from a meldable boy into an obedient man who had known no other life than that of the Cartel, a young man who began to deal in the movement of illegal weaponry as casually as others around my age might have run a newspaper route. By the time the last of my innocence had been stolen from me, on the day my Fathers ordered me to move on from the brutal beatings of our enemies to my first taking of another man’s life, I had become so blinded to the ways of the world beyond my own family that I could not even tell that anything, let alone nearly everything, had been stolen from me. The final, and most unforgivable, theft would come when I was betrayed by the very organization that had made me all that I was: when my Son Damian was later born from a one stand on a business trip to Svetlojarsk. I was in the country to further my business on finding a new location for my night club chains. Around 2003 i received a post card from the woman claiming that on my travels that i had a son and that he was she would never want to keep that from me. Following up on the intimation, we had a test done and confirmed that the boy was mine and from that moment i would do my best to visit throughout years and speak with him over Skype and letters. At the age 6 Damian was sent to live with me do to thee civil unrest with in Chernarus. Damian's mother fingered this was better for him and i could give him a better life. In the years to come Damian and myself bonded very quickly and my son was all that mattered. I enrolled him into school in mexico and the years pasted normally. Things were good, my family of the Cartel have was not involved with me after my farther died, i made the move to pass the Cartel family business to my Cuzin Pacho, which he was made for this more than me. I was and only have ever been a Sicario and never wanted to be involved with Cartel business i only wanted a business of my own and that was running night clubs and just enjoying life with my family. I started hearing about the sickness on the news, which was claiming millions of lives. For a while Mexico wasn't really effected just yet, the sickness started slow and became more of a problem in the passing months. A few months later and the emergency status of the sickness has died to a point where it was safe to travel once again. After the scare and the lock down our family deiced to travel and visit after we seen that Chernarus was advertising tourist travels. I figured this was a good time to go and let Damian see his mother that he had not seen in over 10 years. Short after we arrive the second wave hits of the sickness and now we are trapped here...
  2. My story starts just like any other, unless you call watching your family burn alive for something that wasn’t nothing to do with them. I can't Recall much from when I was young, but I remember when the first time I met a man that I thought could change my life forever. The man was Martin Lopez. Martin was from my understanding was some drug boss here Santa Ana Mexico. You see my family haven always been one to earn an honest pay and we always did what we had to survive. One day my Tio Mario asked me if I wanted to earn a little money, so I didn’t have to ask my parents and start learning to be man. I was 17 and foolish and not sure what the road would provide so I figured I would take it and learn my own way. I told my Tio “Hell yeah I want to make some money”. That afternoon my Tio took me to meet Martin in Los Arcos in the old warehouse district, but what came next, I would have never expected. As we arrived to the meeting place, my Tio was acting different and not himself. I asked him if we were ok, but he wouldn’t talk to me or even look at me. We walk into a room and the Man called Martin was standing in front of us and points at me and speaks, “is this him?” I ask, “Tio what is this?” The man starts and telling what is about to happen, you see my Tio or uncle just sold me to the Three kings Cartel and there was nothing I could do but to follow along until my work was done. You see now I worked with the Cartel for the next three years, selling, buying, smuggling anything I was told to do. I'm 20 years old now and I'm no boy and I just want to be let go. Today is a Tuesday, Today is the day I ask Martin for my release and for him to let me go. Everyone always told me there is only one way out and I didn’t care I was tired of doing work for people that wanted nothing form me but for me to do their work and I get no profit, only a small cut, which guards get paid more. [email protected]#k it today was the day. I see Martin, he gets angry with me…. Then does nothing and just stops. Martin says, “ok you want to go?” He pulls a bag out puts money in the bag and sends me home. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my parents that I'm done and I would never do anything like that again. I ran home that day faster than I ever have before, out of breath and soaked with sweat I reach my home and rush inside. As I rush in Martin and about six others were standing in my family's living room, both of my parents are tied up and gagged. I cry out “WHY”, Martin says to me, “mijo there is only one way to leave and you know that”. Next thing I was hit over the head and BLACK. I wake up and I can smell the burning and the feel the heat all around me, I knew at that moment It was all over for me. I struggled and got free, moved over to my parents and got them free also, but there was no where we could go. I remember my parents holding me as I heard the cracks and breaking of the house ready to cave in, my parents said they would love me always.... than SNAP and beam falls and I remember the dream. Black and nothing, then I called out and screamed that give my soul for you if you spare us.... I repeated it maybe a thousand times and then, BOOM. I’m fighting to keep my eyes shut from the bright light. I'm awake and I'm handcuffed. You see I did survive the fire and I was the only one to survive, now for some reason I'm in jail get accused of killing my parents and starting the fire. As the police office puts me in the car he whispers in my ear, “Martin sends his regards”, I scream out “YOU SON OF A [email protected]#H” as they throw me in the car and take me to prison. I was taken to Apodaca prison, known as one of the deadliest prisons in the world. I was marked as Case 5, 2 counts of first-degree murder suicide. So, they kept me in solitary away from gen pop. I thought about that night, why me, why did I survive.... than it dawned on me. I sold my soul that night, and the devil would be the one to save me. I now know who is real and now who I would always call my savior, or until someone could convince me otherwise. I Spent the next years as any do, surviving and getting ink, I am fully embracing my lord of my savior and making my body in his image. Ok, it been 5 years and my hearings are today, once again on a Tuesday. Same old story I tell them I believe in nothing and worship the devil and I get moved back into my cell, but wait these people are looking at me and actually listening. After I tell the judges my story, they take a few and come back just to tell me that I'm being let go...... free, on probation for two years and then free from everything. My probation officer Luis Cruz is a good friend and help me with a place and a job for the time where it is. Luis and I had a Joke or a bet if I could stay out of trouble for my probation that he would buy me a ticket to go anywhere I wanted he would do it no questions asked. Today I'm 27 and officially off probation and ready to move on. My phone rings and its Luis telling me to come over and he has something for me. I meet up with Luis at his place and he hands me an envelope and asks me to open it. I do and it’s a note or an agreement about the bet we made and Luis states that he is a man of his word and asks me where I want to go. The question is like a new car, but I'm not sure. I walk around his office for a bit and in the corner of the room I see a globe and I walk over to it put my hands on it and say softly, “anywhere Luis?” and he responds, “Anywhere amigo, I told you I would keep my word”. So, without a beat I spin that old globe and give a second and then I stop it with my finger and....... Chernarus? “Where the [email protected]#k is that?”, I reacted. It was too late Luis said, “perfect I'm going to book it and you going to start new and enjoy a vacation, on me”. A new start, something different. Not sure what this new place will have for me or what will happen, all I know is that something is better than being here in the place where all I think about is fire and what my path will go, [email protected]#K it CHERNARUS IT IS!
  3. Thank you for the time to get this done, it has been updated and ready to go, let me know if anything else needs to change! My familia has taken our business to Chernarus for now.
  4. My apologies gents, you know work life....just awoke for my cave and I'll be working on this asap, thank you adminstration as always!
  5. Thank you to all those who came and gave the Cartel a great fight today, Definitely something that needed to keep this familia focused. Amazing Role play on from parties!!! MAD RESPECT TO THE COMMUNITY!!!
  6. Of course thank you team.... Mad respect!!
  7. My apologies for not responding right away, I'm apart of the essential group in the crisis now a days. So for the question you ask. I myself have to be on a expecting all of everything because of my involvement of cartel and the constant harassment from pretty much everyone. But as I said, as we walked in the barn the one gentleman, from what I took it as a threat and I did. It was the reason why it lead to his death, and as from the other, the man was showed no pain, not even seem to fazed from his injuries...and continued to talk even from being hurt, so I executed the second cause for me he did not value his life and so I gave he a good bye before shooting. (Again thank you for letting me give my give my chance to respond, and hopefully we be able to find solution)
  8. POV: I helped hold up the two above Toplin as I follow them in the barn, one spoke and I took as a threat as he tells me about if I do anything than trouble it would bring me and what group he was apart of. It was something of what I heard, I happen really fast. So I let him RP with the others involved and after they were done, I reminded him of the threat and who I was, than I shot... (I do appreciate the opportunity to try to talk it out and the admin team that was involved)


    I'll dm you it The original
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