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  1. The only people who seem to care about the server split are people who are solely on the server to PvP and just PvP groups in general. Obviously it's not just them but it's a trend that I've noticed. Think about it. In a real life scenario, people are making homes where they can.. random contractors and construction workers aren't all going to only be in the big groups in an apocalypse. It makes sense to have random dynamic groups with builders and random bases throughout. People have bases on different servers.. no one can change that. No one is hiding behind their little wooden walls lol. No hatred here just an opinion but I see where you're coming from I suppose.
  2. Not today but in my whole RP experience thus far. I'm glad it's ending but it means new beginnings. Hope to see your characters IC a lot still or at least stay in touch. Rip Fifty-Two. @[email protected]@[email protected] and all of the other Fifty-Two boys. I've been in the group literally since day one. The first character I met in DayZRP was @DieselTheSnowMan and he brought me straight to the Fifty-Two. Never once did I get time alone and would I trade that? No. The group experience is a good thing to start out on because it means I know the struggles of having one in the future. Hope to see The Fifty-Two open again with refreshed minds and big goals in mind. Saggio will miss you boys
  3. I have a small theory that I stand by:

    The people who PvP the least are the best PvPers. That’s why it catches people off guard when a PvP group gets wiped by a peaceful group or something and reports are made. 

    No shade here, just theory.

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Im assuming youre talking about 1 racist mosin boi vs @Rainey and the squad. That was pretty bad not gonna lie 😄but I wouldnt really consider them a PvP group per se.

    2. Rainey


      We all have bad days, no biggie.

    3. Whiskayy


      @Osku@Rainey Wasn't referring to this but I'm curious.. what happened?

    4. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku


    5. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      @Rainey takes me back to NATO days amirite? 😉 Me with a ghillie and a winchester on the hill vs The Gremlins attacking our base in Polana factory

    6. RecklessRDM


      @Osku @Whiskayy 

      I would like it to be known that it was two racist misinformed Bois. Also- if doesn’t even apply tho because if anything those guys were the PvP group. Not gonna lie, if they weren’t trolls I would want them on my side in a gunfight xD 

    7. RecklessRDM


      *Mosin Bois

  4. “Anthony loved that.” Honestly though, thanks for the mention! Let’s make more memories whether it’s with our current characters or not. Great read too!
  5. If this was done it would cut out the small awkward silence of people typing their injuries at the beginning of a convo. Keeps a convo flowing and all around more immersive.
  6. The point of this isn’t that you’re jaysh allah. It’s the fact that the situation was trying to be calmed down by my character and there was a clear chance for a talking but your group opened fire. Yes, you were initiated on so you have every right to shoot and kill but no need to be upset that you and your boys died.. you put yourself into that position. It’s simple bro. Let’s stop the arguing in this thread and get on with our lives. We all lost gear and it was just a confusing initiation. Also, everyone who was originally accused has proven they had kill rights whether it be through group defender rights or recently role playing defender rights.
  7. Whiskayy

    Saggio's Polaroids

    Pictures captured when the moment was something of remembrance or was simply fucking cool.
  8. Of course man. I was honestly dying laughing OOC not gonna lie it was hard to go back to acting really hurt. Thank you for patching my character up. He hopes to see you soon as do I. @Alkis Thanks for taking me to the infamous doc and getting be back into the world. Guess the Fifty-Two and you and even now. I'll say hi to George for ya! Also, hope I made the whole injured RP kinda good.. new to it but thought I did well. Either way, amazing RP from the two of you above. You guys made my first hour of RP today amazing. Lastly, @CocaineLane. The campfire was really peaceful and I feel even though they didn't talk, Saggio and Viktor bonded as two broken soldiers after a battle. Hope to have more campfire RP and internal RP as we have seemed to lack it recently. It's good development for us. You never cease to kill it in RP either way so keep it going man! I'll see ya soon.
  9. My original post is all over the place as I wasn't clear on what the fuck just happened. Basically, we threatened. We had a gun up. You fired first. That's how it went. Simple. I don't wanna argue here and I just wanna resolve this. I made my peace and am justified in every way in my own actions. Both @FireDude and I shot you at the exact same time when you woke up so that's hard to determine exactly who shot you. I think it's me though.
  10. Everyone who was inside on the top of the building is justified and had rights to be killed or kill. Even though I survived the firefight, the moment I was hit @FireDude gained rights to attack the hostiles as he even stated: "I have been Rping with @Whiskayy for nearly an hour." And also my group members had just been killed AND I was shot. This gave me clear rights to shoot and I even RPed before and after the firefight that I want no trouble and didn't want to kill anyone. I knew as soon as they went up those stairs that there was a fight about to break out.. hence why I TRIED to stop it. Lastly, the PvP groups are known for basically killing when they can and will use any kind of justification to kill someone.
  11. I was one of the men on the top of the stairs who survived. Whiskayy POV: One of my men threatened the muslims at the bottom of the stairs, they proceeded to come up and start yelling at us. My other soldier then proceeds to point a gun and say "Go downstairs" or something on those lines. I go in between as the leader of my two men who threatened and initiated and try to stop it before it's too late. I hear gunfire and run behind cover and proceed to start killing the muslims who are currently firing at my group members who initiated. However, one of the men on the stairs wakes up after 2 minutes and I proceed to shoot him as he was just killing my men.
  12. @FireDude Bro that gunfight was fucking sick lmfao but it was good RPing with you man and I liked our little talk in the clinic and how we're both good men on the inside but stressed so much on the outside. Hope to see your character around bro, good shit today! Maybe one day you'll find out where my group is at
  13. I agree with the whole 12 hours per stage of growth and the shaving of one stage at a time sounds more realistic too, sounds cool.
  14. Hey @Zanaan, I'm confident about all the information I provided and even to be sure about the times I asked my good friends who are moderators here on the server. Honestly it's alright to just drop this whole thing but I don't like that some GearRP dude is running around just robbing people with no RP involved whatsoever... and ruining their gear. On top of that, I had a car nearby. I ran to the car after this robbery and some freshspawn guy was there. The guy looks at my car and I say that it's mine and continue to try and RP but all he does is say: "I'm stealing it, fuck you" or something or that nature. Double BadRP in the span of 5 minutes. Sorry, it just frustrated me. You can close this.
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