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  1. @Elrod @Blackfyre @Krookcat @edgy Daemon @edgy Lyaria @edgy Maverick @edgy Monke @edgy Phoenix @Grim @ImScouse @Jacob Elmes @Bailey @EmlynDiaries @ImKrullix @edgy Wolf To all of the New Divide listed above; thank you for all of the amazing RP regarding the note leaver and all today and previous days. This is going amazing. I'm so mad that the only day I need to get off early is the day I interject myself in the investigation the most. Either way I'll be back to it and we'll catch this mofo. @groovy lamb - It was nice to see a new friendly face around that wasn't the fishermen or RAC. Hope our characters get to bond and talk more, they seem to naturally make good conversation. Love the character already, keep it up! And everyone else, I didn't miss you.. I just really GTG lmfao you all. See you all tomorrow! Edit: forgot some of the main peeps, had to leave so didn't have time to initially tag everyone.
  2. I think if it was tweaked to match the desire of people on the server than it would be alright.
  3. Really hope to run into you guys! This looks dope.
  4. Looking good so far! I'll check it out when it's out in full.
  5. Anthonyy

    The Pedlars

    Another trading group is always a welcome sight. Good Luck!
  6. Those backpacks are glorious. +1
  7. This is god's work. The whole 'H' key thing was probably the worst thing ever. Can't wait to see what's next too.
  8. This is probably one of the best escapes of a hostage ever. I witnessed it first hand across the street. It was pretty badass.
  9. This map was amazing to play back then. +1
  10. It makes the game more challenging and keeps the threat of them at a constant high knowing they can vault over walls. -1 but I see where you're coming from.
  11. I've been here from the start and you're damn sure gonna see me whenever the end is. Let's get this shit going!
  12. I see where you're coming from with the idea but I think most people would die laughing if they saw this in-game. -1 Good try though
  13. Thank you to the following people and many more for some of the best RP I've had in the server for a long while and for that I'm making a big post: @Phoenix - Arthur will go through thick and thin for Luca already and he just met her and I love their little interactions, whether it's Arthur trying to sneak a little flirt in their or even the little moments where Luca would look to him when she was worried. The RP is amazing all around. Each day our characters seems to grow closer and I feel like that comes naturally for them. @FireDude - Met you IC as my old character before this lore wipe and we got along well and it's nice to know we still do, even with new characters. Love your character and that ours are becoming good friends already. I like the bouncing off of each other with insults, kinda funny. I'll see you in-game soon, you little shit @Gwimm-chan UwU - Our character click very well and it's fun seeing where their interactions go, whether it's serious or funny. Lee's a homeboy for sure. @Searoz - Arthur is totally not trying to get to know Josh so he can get closer to his daughter. LOL but actually, I liked the small conversation through the woods that Arthur and Josh had! I hope our characters can actually bond and Josh could teach Arthur a few things with his extensive knowledge. @Bailey - I really want to further our RP but our surroundings always stop me lmfao. I'll be sure to try and RP with you more when I see you next! @Wolfstorm - Tion instantly was a favorite for not just me but for Arthur too. I liked the charisma your character had, along with his empathy for Arthur's lost friends at the time. I hope to see you around and RP way more. @Imagine - Didn't get to RP much but I feel that once we can get Oliver to break his shell that Arthur and him will be good friends, especially since they're around the same age and both are athletic. @The Preacher - My name doppelganger! Your character can easily come off as someone who's mean and initially I actually thought he was a bit too snoopy and nosey but once you met us at that house on the road you were actually a great guy and I'm glad our character had that little moment to walk down and clear the building. Hope to see you around for sure. @Craig - George is one of my favorites ever. That's all I am saying. You aren't too trolly with your accent but not too serious either. It's the perfect combination and you're doing amazing. To anyone I mentioned above; thanks for all of the RP today and I hope to catch you all next time!
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