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  1. Alright, just got accepted, can't wait to log on and play with you guys
  2. wow, thanks guys for the help, hope my explinations make any kind of sense
  3. Hi everyone, I put in my whitelist application in yesterday and guess what, I was denied, darn, but I don't want to waist my or the poor sod who has to re-read it and was wondering if someone could help, I've re-written my NLR and KOS and was hoping some one could read it and maybe give me a few pointers, not rewrite it for me, just yeah thats good, or maybe talk alittle more about this, kind of thing.
  4. ok, I just submitted my first whitelist application, and it was denied for, go figure, KOS and NLR explination. With the 500 character requirement, I was worried about putting too much information into it. Would there be a suggestion of what to try and keep it between? I know I need to add more information and a clearer explination, but I also don't want to send in something with over 2000 characters. lol. What would be an average post? 650 to 750 perhaps?
  5. I was once a man. Like you, I only wanted to survive, only for the sake of survival. I wanted nothing and felt nothing. I needed no god or deity to tell me how to do this. It was instinct, pure and undiluted instinct. I grew with the new world and couldn’t think of anything besides the life I lived. That has all changed. I will tell you what I remember and how it came to be that I have been enlightened by the word of The Shepherd. He alone has saved me, but with a price. I was born John Reese. This name meant nothing to me after the infection took my family. My son was the first to fall. It took and it held. By an unnatural force it held. I tried everything to save him. But, sadly, nothing I did helped, and when he became violent I had to end him with my own hand to keep him from harming my wife, Bernadette. I don’t believe she ever forgave me. She wouldn’t have long to hold that grudge, weeks after my child passed, governments were being wiped out. The infection and rioting was too much. And the world fell into anarchy. We ran into the woods, hoping that we could make it to our cabin and attempt to hide. God, were we wrong. Not one week after we left, we ran into our first bandit gang. They were armed with knives and axes. We had nothing so we had to agree to do as they say. This seemed to enrage them. They appeared to have wanted a fight. I refused until they threatened my wife. While, what seemed to be the leader, and his buddies were looking at her, I quickly tackled him. I brought him down fast and dug my thumbs into his eyes, he screamed but it was too late. I was already up, leaving him to grab at his face in panic and was quickly on the next man. I tackled him down and he hit his head on a rock with a sick CRACK! The man was out, I’m still not sure if he was dead or simply unconscious. The third and last man quickly grabbed my wife, with a knife to her throat. “Back away!” he yelled at me. I slowly raised my hands and started to back away. Holding her tightly against him, he looked at his once boss and back to me. “LOOK WHAT YOU DID!” gesturing towards the man. I glanced over at the newly blinded bandit and back to him, “just let her go, please…” But, before I could finish saying anything Bernadette, God love her, quickly reached down and grabbed his balls and twisted. He screamed, flung her away while doubling over. I quickly ran over and kicked him the face. Flipping his head backwards and sending him over onto his back. I pounced on him and just started punching him in the face until he stopped moving. This is where things start to get blurry, as I slowed down I looked up for Bernadette, she lay on the ground, not moving. As I moved to her side I noticed blood. When he pushed her away, he also pulled the knife across her throat. She wasn’t moving, she just laid there. Her last moments were of her fighting. We never talked about what happened to our child and we would never get a chance. The last thing I remember was holding her, crying while staring at a man still holding his face and screaming. I can still hear those screams. I’m not sure how long or far I walked. I carried her in my arms, leaving the three men where they were. The only thing I remember is coming up on an old, abandoned church. It was there that I buried my wife. I found an old shovel and picked a plot and began to dig. The entire time I kept apologizing, to my wife, to my son, to God, to everyone. I apologized for my greed, my anger, and my inability to protect my family. It took a few hours of work, but I dug her grave and started to lower her down. I didn’t know she was infected. I guess we all are. After I laid her down, climbed out of the grave, and started to fill it in, I saw her start to move. At first I was in shock. I didn’t know how to react, but I quickly realized it wasn’t a miracle. She shot up and let loose this terrible gurgle of a growl, most of it forcing blood and grime from her open throat. I realized what she had become. She couldn’t climb out of the grave, apparently the infection takes away a lot of basic motor control. I had to just sit down and watched her. I didn’t know what to do. She quickly saw me and tried to reach me. I reached out and all I wanted was the pain to be over, to be with her. I was about to jump in and give in. That is when the Shepherd revealed himself to me. Not a man, more of a force. It pushed me back away from the grave. I could hear it inside my head. No voice to speak of, just images. Images of pain, suffering, heaven, hell, love, comfort, and it was over whelming. I knew what… who he was in an instant. I stared at the glow, and then back to what use to be Bernadette, she was there, reaching for me, but not moving. It was then I realized that nothing moved, the wind had stopped, the tree were still. I noticed a leaf that had once been floating down, had simply just stopped, it was as if it was frozen in mid air. “What are you?” I asked, knowing but not believing. Images flashed through my mind, a bible, Jesus, war, Bernadette, my son, death, it was simply too much. “STOP! STOP DOING THAT!” The images stopped and the glow seemed to grow closer. “What do you want? Why are you here? Now, where were you when people needed you?” The glow continued to move forward, increasing in temperature. More images started flashing. I remember very few for they were going too fast, the ones I can remember were the dead, thousands of images of death. There were three weapons, a pistol, a riffle, and an axe. And finally, I saw the church behind me. I looked over to the church and asked “Do you want me to go inside?” Before I could finish the sentence the glow disappeared into the church. I quickly followed, without question. As I entered I found a dozen people, all dead, inside the pews. Some horribly disfigured. There was blood everywhere. I saw the glow at the head of the church and quickly ran to it. That is when I found my tools. The three weapons, a canteen inside a font full of water, a bible covered in blood and a backpack. “What am I suppose to do with this?” Images of death appeared in my head, thousands of them, and then a lone figure, dressed in black standing above them all. Finally, there was an image of piece. It was so serine. I knew what it was. It was earth, with no infection, no war, no death, and no people. “Is this what you want? For us to be gone from here?” Nothing happened, no answer, no images, nothing. It was as if it was contemplating something. I grew impatient and shouted “ANSWER ME! WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME? WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THESE THINGS!?” Finally I got my answer, it was me, but not me, it was me dressed in black with the bible. I was in front of a group of people, preaching. It seemed fine, but wrong at the same time. “I am not a priest, I cannot do this.” It ignored me and continued to show me images, fragments of what seemed to be two different places. The first a nightmarish hell, the infected hunting down what little humanity that was left. Humans killing each other for what little they had in their packs, complete anarchy. It was Hell on earth. But the second, the second was peaceful, and place that showed love, and a place of heaven. A place for the saved to go. Those who would accept him into their life would be saved and would be brought to heaven, those who wouldn’t, would be left here. “I understand, but why me? Why are you tasking me with saving the souls of this retched planet?” All it showed me was Bernadette holding our child. She seemed happy, but it slowly faded into what was left of her, standing in that grave. It showed me on top of the man I blinded with an evil look of hatred in my face. I understood. I had sinned, I had become the unholy but I had done it for love. I lost my love, my child. It then started flooding my head with images of other families, other tortured souls. Ones that needed help and it tasked me with helping where I could. “What do I call you?” Images of Shepherds flashed in front of me. “You are the Shepherd, I understand, but then what am I?” Dogs were now in my head, used to rustle live stock. “That is what I am to be? I am to be your dog to gather the lost sheep?” As I said this I reached down and touched the weapons, they were cold to the touch. I moved and grabbed the bible. “I guess I will have to do as you say.” I opened the bible to a random page, and read Ezekiel25:17: “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.” “I understand.” And with that a beam of light seemed to fall around me. It started to get warmer until it seemed as if it was scalding. I screamed and fell writhing in agony I clutched onto the bible. “WHY!?” But it was soon over. The pain was gone. No doubt was in me. I felt free. I picked up the bag to place my new tools inside and found a set of clothes. A set of military black boots, black cargo pants, a black button up shirt, and finally a clerical collar. Under the bag was a black vest with 2 boxes of ammo for both the pistol and riffle. I quickly changed into my new clothes and tossed the others to the side. I took the canteen, blessed myself with the water remaining in the font and then filled the canteen. Placing it in the bag, I found a pen and paper. “Anything else I should know before I start my Shepherd?” The last images I received that night were of the Ten Commandments breaking. They were of no use anymore. A new set of images appeared. The infected attacking a group of survivors, then a man a black standing in front of the group with a weapon. Then the man in black speaking to the survivors, seemed to be offering them assistance. Lastly a group of dead men, appearing to be bandits, lying at the feet of the man in black. “I believe I understand, protect the innocent, remove the infected, and destroy the corrupt. I will find your sheep and I will bring them home. I will defend them from the predators of this world.” I wrote down the 3 new commandments, packed up the rest of my stuff and headed outside. I returned to the grave I had dug for my lost wife. I’m not sure when but the world seemed to start moving again, I heard her growl before I saw her. When I reached the grave I knelt down and said my good byes. I asked one last time for forgiveness and then pulled out the axe, looked into the eyes of what use to be my love. And then I brought the axe down on her. She dropped and stopped moving. I said a prayor for her and one for myself. Buried her and marked her grave. I now had a mission. That I would carry out in The Shepherds name and in her memory. to be continued... //something I'm working on, trying to use RP to help find my character. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  6. wish granted, but now you will have constant typos that you can't fix I wish I was better at this game
  7. fixed, but now all your peripherals invert randomly I wish the people I "worked" with actually worked
  8. In stand alone, first I get an all black outfit (black cargo, black tac shirt, boots, black gloves) then I find a bible, doesn't matter new or old. I then will grab a person and put them in cuffs, the entire time ranting about God, and then I take out the bible and beat them with it, screaming "JESUS LOVES YOU!" I then give them a new canteen and bandages if required, unlock them and run off into the night.
  9. ahhh, that explains it, they are blocked at work. I'll look at them when I get home. Thank you
  10. where did you find these? Everywhere I look I only find old patch notes from 2 weeks ago
  11. Loved Scotland, the wife and I just had our honeymoon there. Spent 2 weeks traveling all over. Great times. Also thought it was funny that most of the people we ran into thought we were British...
  12. 10/10 for Bert and Ernie, sad they moved apart though
  13. Been apart of this for alittle while now, only have the basic ship, but part of the "AMP Alliance" http://ampalliance.net/forum sub-group VVarMachine. Going to be a blast when it comes out