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  1. Heres is my POV from before the "deathmatch", the middle of the fight and me complaining on stream afterwards.
  2. I have a friend who wants to sign up, but only has @wippies.com email, which for some reason is to impossible to sign up with. whats up with that?
  3. James Madsen is the name of my character. He was a trained Combat Medic from Denmark who was sent with the NATO to hang out and maintain some of the bases they had set up around Chernarus, and unfortunately an infectious outbreak happened to break loose after a while. After the outbreak, his main goal has been to make sure that all the survivors he finds are nice and healthy, and he is willing to treat/help them at any cost. Before he joined the military, he had studied guns and 5 different languages. Although he studied 5 languages, only 3 of them stuck to his tongue, he speaks Russian, English and Arabian. The language and gun studying came in handy, when he was called in to join the military. (It's obligated to atleast show up for military service in Denmark) He did training and studying for 2 years to become classified as a Combat Medic, and he was then sent to Pakistan to fight for 2 months, and he then came back and was sent to Chernarus by the NATO. (As said above in the first section^^)
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