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  1. Clyde was born in Vancouver 1978 to Nancy and Bob Corwin. An only child, given little attention as both parents worked constantly to try to provide a better life for Clyde. These plans fell through when his father died in a tragic industrial accident and his mother spiraled downward into an alcoholic fueled depression. Raised mostly on the streets and fending for himself through his formative years, Clyde barely passed Secondary School and joined the Army to get away from his horrid home life. Clyde quickly picked up and learned the skills needed to be assigned to become a biological containment specialist. After serving several years in the Army, Clyde left the service and found his way back to Vancouver. At almost 30 Clyde had almost no real world marketable skills besides his love of good food and beer. He settled down in a single bed room apartment and took up work as a bouncer and handyman at the local bar. Often dealing with the seedy shadowy individuals that would frequent the establishment. Years have passed now and Clyde found himself managing the bar, after Old Willy retired. The contacts he has made there have made his life pretty easy even if his hands have had to get dirty from time to time. His love of food and lack of excitement has taken him to many locations on his yearly vacations. This year was Chernarus. That was a mistake.
  2. So I've been away from DayZ for awhile now. Had to take a break after a semi-serious sprain to my fingers caused from running back and forth between the Northern Airfield and Bor. Decided to return to the white listed side of things and give it a shot. Not new to the RPG life but mostly Table Top not much on the PC side of things. Hopefully I can be a useful member of the community and have some fun along the way.
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