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  1. because some people can't commit to what they sign up for.
  2. AAAAAHHHHHH, I am the "faaacking champion" nice to RP with SDS and thank you for letting me earn my freedom
  3. uhm, I do belive smoke grenades got textures.
  4. Ace pilot Osip tries to land the plane with me, Corey and Grives as passengers. [video=youtube]
  5. Hah yea it was fun, especially when we talked to the random guy who wouldn't chop us no wood.
  6. Lol its all good man I understood what had happened, I did it once to a man on accident in the north east barracks. Props for reaching out to me. (I was kinda sorta nervous when I saw this thread title) Ah good there is no hard feelings
  7. I am so so very sorry man. I tried to shoot the zombie that was after you and you ran infront of me just as I was about to shoot the zombie I didn't do it on purpose, I am so sorry man. Been trying to contact you on TS but I cant find you.
  8. haha that was you? I saw you got a zombie after you so I ran down to you to see if you were allright. And then *POOF* you were gone . Was a bit surprised but it's allright
  9. Not to be a pain in the ass but how would you role play a US marksman without an m24? Let's say he was one of the last squads to be deployed in Chernarus, he saw all of his squad members get killed in a city while he was keeping overwatch and how would he lose his rifle exactly?
  10. Yesterday I met up with Alex (cant remember last name for some reason) at the outpost. His car got stolen so we headed up to Novy Sobor where I saw it before and two wheels broken so that didnt work out. Then we tried to find BHM, but instead we got ourselfs into what seems like a full clan battle going on and met Sgt. Erik Jackson, best military RPer i've met so far. Then we almost got robbed by some random guys, didnt quite catch their names but was nice enough to let us go with all of our gear. Nice Guys. PS. Alex, I found BHM I think later. they got the bus back from the SFR or SVR. They didnt let me take it tho.. Anyway nice meeting Alex and Erik.
  11. Woho, now im whitelisted and ready to roll Thanks for the links Astycc
  12. Thank you, yea im working on it atm. Didn't realise I had to write that much.
  13. Hello, just popping in to say Hello and hope to see you guys out in the field.