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  1. i don´t know why is the quality so terrible on YT. you can see at 0:6 my body and position where i died.
  2. Server and location:  DayzRP, near Novodmitrovsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): it happened an hour ago Your in game name: Nicolas Wunderle Names of allies involved: nobody Name of suspect/s: i don´t know, i would like to know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): ofroad (ada) and sedan like 20 meters from my character, i have a screen and video and i can show you position where i "died" Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): i have, i am not able to put it here Detailed description of the events: I was playing like for 4 hours today i met someone in Novodmitrovsk then i run into forest becouse i have 2 cars hidden there, sedan and ofroad there is a lot of stuff, then i wanted to relog becouse my game was laging. I pressed Esc, exit, i restarted the game and then i logged on the server. I was suddenly that, i saw my character and it fell on the ground and my character shouted. How did i die? i have a short video and fotos with my gear idk how could i die. I am upset becouse i have lost a lot of things, a lot of rare thigns and also my character has died.. i don´t have any witness. I cannot add the video, it is has too big size. The first foto is before i reloged (i always make sure to take a foto of everything i have). I have also foto of gear, but i can´t put it in there.
  3. ofc, i am sorry i had this page closed, so i didn´t see that, have a nice day
  4. as @bugexe said, we were in Pustoska. we were threew. Nicolas, Dmitrij and Jack, we met Kane i think. Jack or Dmitrij has handcuff him and then "Rob" him. Then we have cut the handfuffes and Dmitrij probably wanted to punch him bud, unfortunaly he killed him. It was shocking for all of us in RP and also in RL. So then we have dropped his gear on the ground and then ran away. Today morning a went on @LagIsMyExcuse stream and apologize about waht happened. He said that it is ok. So everything is solved i think. @bugexe just made a mistake, he probably didn´t mean to kill him. Jack will probably say the same, so there is no need him coming here and sayiong the same story. He is busy now, we have already spoken about this situation. And we are sorry
  5. thompson1928

    S1 Airfield wall Powergaming 2019-05-10 Unsure of time

    that´s true, i was part of ther 3 man group, maybe he forced him to eat or drink something idk, i only heard and saw that man with blue armband going to vomit. At that moment i was talking to Jack. Then we heard shot so everyone ran away ( so did i ) . I were screming and then my game has freezed like for 4 seconds. Then i died. I was angry but you know idk who killed me and he killed me without any interaction.. so i decided to confirm PK, so Nicolas has forgot everything. Then i have RP again and had a nice RP.. I just wanted to find good RP server, becouse in my country we don´t have a lot of people that know about roleplay. So i wanted to try this server and now i have to deal with those things and everyone is wasting time.. tomorrow i will go away for 4 days so i won´t be here to RP so can you please atleast delete the ban? so i can play and continue rping? someone is waitting for me.. i told you everything i know and i am innocent thanks
  6. thompson1928

    S1 Airfield wall Powergaming 2019-05-10 Unsure of time

    I don´t accually know why i got banned.. right now i was roleplaying with someone so he has to wait now till i can play? guys come on, you are solving one problem but making another.. I haven´t feed anyone, i have just been there (wrong time, wrong place) i have no evidence but yo ucan trust me that i now how to roleplay, this is not my first RP server. The true is that i have forgot this accident what happened in NWAF. There was no rule brake from me so why you are banning me. That´s my self defense.. Nicolas Wunderle, Thompson1928
  7. Doc. Nicolas Wunderle man 27 y.o. Czech republic work as i buisnessman, University Friendly, patient, confident, reliable, cooperative Czech volunteer soldier before found a job. I spend most of his childhood hiking in the hills and forests of Czech republic with my elder brother and father who taught me and my brother how to hunt, how to use a rifle or a bow to provide food, how to survive in te wild in time of need."The strong and smart survive and the weak die, that´s the way of the life boys." said my father while we were sitting around a campfire. I always thought it was waste of childhood and usualy hid away from dad when we were about to head to the wilderness. I realized that all those days spend with father and elder brother didn´t go to waste when those things happened... It was sunny day and i was on buisness trip to China from Czech republic. The plane flew into the storm. And then we have crashed. I don´t know where, only me and some guy were alive. Then we heared shots near by. We were scared so we ran in building. The other guy said: "I will find some food and you´ll find a water. We will meet here in the evening. We didn´t. He was´t there. So i went to sleep and then my story begins. I am lost now i am alone. I should find some stuff to survive. And then i am gonna find our where i am and how do i get somewhere save.
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