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  1. Born and raised on the East Coast of Canada, Garry Gallant spent the majority of his early years on various trawlers and fishing boats in the Bay of Fundy. When the fishing industry collapsed in the early 2000's Garry was forced to abandon the only job he had ever known, and seek out new opportunities. His first inclination was to head West, to Alberta and the oil sands where a man could make his fortune. He and his cousin made it as far as Toronto before their Chevy Chevette suffered a breakdown on the 401. Forced to return to the East Coast Garry spent the next year on pogey. He spent this time on welfare as unproductively as possible, until a jealous ex reported him to the government agents which resulted in him losing his pogey. With little to no work available in the province of New Brunswick, and his losing the ability to apply for pogey again for 6 months, Garry managed to convince an international freighter captain to take him on as temporary crew. The work was hard and the pay was scant, but for the first time since his days on the fishing boats he felt free. And the months at sea went on he felt as though he may just turn his life around for the better. But for as slowly as things had come together for Garry, it all fell apart in an instant. It was two days out from his ships passage through the Sea of Marmara, destined for Sochi, when news started to break of a conflict brewing in the coastal country of Chernarus. It was a short time after that word had spread among the crew thanks to a shortwave radio one of the crewmen had smuggled aboard...talk of some sort of plague or virus causing people to behave violently and seemingly without reason or response to pain. The crew petitioned the Captain to turn the ship around and head back to the Aegean. At first he scoffed at the idea of abandoning a cargo run, but as the military presence began to grow in the Green Sea, and radio messages continued to poor in about this strange virus spreading quickly throughout the area, he relented. Then the storm hit. It was the actions of the Chief Mate that saved the majority of the crew. Unable to fight the squall the decision was made to beach the cargo ship. In the ensuing chaos Garry found himself separated from the rest of the crew, washed ashore in a foreign land plagued by some unknown terror. Alone and afraid Garry made his way inland. After two days and nights deep within the forests Garry decided that if he was to survive his best bet would be to try and locate other members of the crew.
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