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  1. Deputy Ryan Brook"I was a cop Before Shit the fan. i was a bad cop, i took bribes, shot fleeing criminals, and extorted all the donuts from the local donut shop. civilians were fed up with all my shit so they revolted and tryed to kill me and my other officers. but when the day came for them to raid my police station, it went quiet. it was total chaos, it was some type of rage virus, people eating eachother, i had to get out of there. now i had to sets of gear, my police uniform with a loaded handgun, or a tee shirt and some jeans with a flashlight and battery. Im going to send each and every one of those demon hell spawns right back to hell myself. And so my crusade began my one man mission to rid the world of these undead zombie freaks and im going to use all my skills i learned as a cop to aid me in creating a team, a network of people strong enough to overpower the tyranny of the bandits that have taken over our lands with there looting and pillaging. I will bring us back to the days of law and order i will protect and serve the very nature that keeps us human that keeps us different from the monsters of the night, our humanity. I was born and raised on the great land of Chernarus and ive been here ever since, i enlisted in the war in 1990 i was fighting to protect our lands and i will use these skills to restore our great nation right now and take back the world from these undead zombies. But where do i go there must be some place where it all began i must find the first infected and find a doctor who can reverse the effects of the virus or find a way to eliminate it completely. My job is to search the lands for a cure all while trying to prevent the remaining living from butchering each other like animals this may seem like an impossible task but i have to i have to make the world better for everyone not just myself, although i do have my reasons. I cant think of a world where my beautiful little daughter has to grow watching people are eating each other and watching the living fight over the last vital resources. I need to keep my emotions in check everything will be okay and we will all get through this if we follow the plan and create a network of survivors to fight the dead together as one.
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