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  1. There definitely needs to be an event to try and bring some players back.
  2. StanTheStag

    staff town.

    The Knights used the town as a place to murder an innoccent which has now started a war. So a diplomatic meeting of the various settlements would be a good idea.
  3. Here's the video of me getting executed if anybody is interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aAkf3ZFQBw
  4. Warn people ooc nextime though. I thought you were just threatening to kill me, would've rped it out more.
  5. thats not exactly how the rules work pal just because we killed your friend doesnt mean a week from now you can just attack us out of nowhere you still need to initiate.. also we conquered Perfugium anyone else could have but didnt think of it.. I'll just rp that you stabbed me in the stomach and threw me out of the gates, then I managed to get back to the swamp.
  6. I just got executed, whilst I admit it was quite cool, I wasn't given a question asking for permission to kill me. Is this not a rule that carries over to LIF? Can I make a new character as maybe a brother of my dead character or should I just come back with NLR?
  7. StanTheStag

    Raising the SkillCap

    It doesn't take that many people to be able to have all of the skills in the game. Me and Mexicano are the only people at our settlement, he focuses on hunting, lumbering and construction and I do the forging, farming and tailoring. Not having the skills to make something does encourage trade which can lead to fun rp.
  8. There isn't a church but I imagine that one of the houses would suffice as a good substitute. With a table as an altar and then chairs infront for pews.
  9. So I have yet to come by any monks or religious people, except those swamp hating holy warriors. Is there any plans to create a sort of community church or a monastery? My character needs somewhere holy and quiet to go and pray and a priest to listen to on Sabbath as he doesn't want to burn in hell.
  10. thanks, I'll try it next time the drying racks try to send me to the after life. Stacking them makes it look really stupid as it would be impossible to get to it. Le RP.
  11. Was playing earlier when this happened. Bad placement of drying rack or horrible bug? Looks like its time to level up militia skills again.
  12. Nah, there's only about 4 of them that fight and I doubt that they're given money for free.
  13. Yep I am getting problems too. Either the DDOSer has started early today or it is a server issue.
  14. What happened to the two servers being up at the same time? I found it really easy to get past the ddos by just moving to the next server in a cycle.
  15. Those the nails that I made for you? It happens a lot, someone stole 100 bottles of water from my house on my second day of playing. The only solution is to keep it on you or store it near a monument you are a part of.