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  1. I’ll do some digging today for some UAZ models and such today and talk to demon about a making it. Or I might learn how to do it and make it while he does the humvee.
  2. It’s my good friend’s mod. He uploaded it originally a while back and he’s now updating it and making it work properly. My friend plans on adding a UAZ and other similar vehicles to a larger pack at some point. (Obviously keeping the individual vehicles available as well) but the humvee is his first vehicle mod, so after this more will be made for sure.
  3. Suggestion: Arma 2 looking humvee (fully functional with custom sounds, damage model, realistic gear ratio, torque, power and speed) Reason it should be added: There's crashed/ruined humvees everywhere on the map, but no working ones. With how resilient humvees are, it would make realistic sense that some are still scattered around in working condition, with some missing parts. It also fits the lore since NATO was involved in the outbreak, and NATO often uses humvees. Pictures: Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1812283371&searchtext= Feel free to ask any questions related to the mod itself, such as features, quality etc. down below as it would take quite a while to cover all the bases preemptively. author is @Jacobs I just do his publishing I guess you could say
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  6. Jackson McMillan, is a retired MARSOC raider turned PMC contractor. After serving 10 years in the Marines, he found it difficult to absolve back into civilian life, so turned to private military contacting. Becoming one of the best field contractors in his company, he was placed in charge of a small group of contractors. He and his group ended up in Chernarus after the outbreak had already began, tasked with protecting local officials and other VIPs. Only when they arrived, the outbreak had already overran the military and killed all the VIPs that hadn't fled the area. So now, his detachment of contractors was left stranded in a foreign land, with only the gear in their rucksacks.
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