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  1. I was present on the island, but I was in a concealed position. I understand why this was handled as it was seeing as for almost the past week we’ve been under almost daily attacks from anarchy and their allies. And usually the attacks start like this, with simply one or 2 people coming up and “looking for RP” when they’re actually scouts for the main force of attackers. (Not saying that’s what happened here, but that’s how it’s gone down in the past few days)
  2. You logged on right inside the area where everything was happening, right inside a bush that was barely 20 meters up the hill from us while we were on the shoreline.
  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you did log into a base that was being raided. And then you shot us without initiating yourself or your friends initiating after you logged on.
  4. As I stated previously I was watching the shoreline, so I wasn't a part of the negotiations. From what I had hear, the men inside the building were supposedly friendly but thought we were anarchy. So I was under the impression everyone was friendly but just confused about who was who. I myself never heard anyone re-initiate nor was I informed of any re-initiation by my allies. Either way, I would like to point out that the person that killed myself and my ally logged on in a bush less than 3 minutes prior to killing us. Meaning he logged into a fight/base that he wasn't previously part of. Seeing as if he was previously involved and logged off where he did that would be combat logging since apparently there were re-initiations throughout these events. 02:50:51 | Player "Jonathan Shmeck" is connected 02:53:09 | Player "Jackson McMillan" (DEAD) killed by Player "Jonathan Shmeck" with M417 from 17.8301 meters 02:53:10 | Player "Alexis Merko" (DEAD) killed by Player "Jonathan Shmeck" with M417 from 15.8632 meters 02:53:13 | Player "Jonathan Shmeck" (DEAD) killed by Player "Lev Yelagin" with M4A1 from 11.7418 meters 02:57:09 | Player "Jonathan Shmeck" has been disconnected
  5. This event here is prior to the restart mentioned in my OP as the server didn't go down again after the restart through this whole event. (the "crash" mentioned is the restart itself) This here was from the very beginning of the "massive firefight" mentioned in my OP as it was daytime throughout all events after the firefight. (only quoting bob to add a sense of time to his POV) There was an extreme lack of gunshots/threatening remarks for there to be a fight. Also, I was watching the shoreline the whole time and the only people that swam over were all greeted at the shore and confirmed as friendly.
  6. - User was warned for this post -
  7. - User has been cautioned for this post -
  8. There were no shots being fired nor were there any hostile actions being made towards the guys in the building. The firefight had been over for at least 10 minutes before we found them, and then there was a server restart, which after negotiations continued for at least another 30 minutes before I was shot. We had no clue who the guys in the building were so we were trying to get them to come out of the building so we could figure out who they were. And for your information your 2 guys ran off of the island ~ 30 minutes ago, so the firefight has been over for more than an hour And the hostage wasn't one of hours. He is a solo player who ran up on everything happening and I asked if he could negotiate on our behalf as the 2 inside the building weren't wanting to negotiate with us. Also at the end of the day I didn't make this report to argue. I made this report so that admins can check the logs and find our definitively what happened instead of the constant back and forth "he said she said" BS that happens after stuff like this.
  9. Server and location: Server 1 prison island Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-10-13, 03:00 Your in game name: Jackson McMillan Names of allies involved: Lev Yelagin, 2 quarantined members (don't have their names) and Dustin Hammer Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): logs should show the firefight ceased quite a while before I was shot, and then myself and another 2 guys randomly got shot at from a bush. We also suspect the person that shot us had just recently logged on, however we are unsure. Detailed description of the events: there was a massive firefight at prison island, and after the firefight was over, we found 2 guys inside a building and started trying to find out who they were, which they refused to say who they were with and kept calling us Anarchy (as we obviously are not). The server then restarted, and negotiations continued from there after all parties were back in game. No initiation was made (other than some shots fired at the beginning of the negotiation) and then one of our friends (Dustin Hammer) swam out to the island and we went to the shore to meet him. We then escorted him up to help us negotiate. Then as negotiations continued, we noticed someone else swimming up to the island who was unknown. Upon meeting him, I was able to confirm he was a member of the quarantined as I had met him before. And as we were walking back up to the negotiations, we were shot out of nowhere from a bush. Lev Yelagin managed to kill the person, but not after they killed myself and the quarantined member that had swam up to the island moments ago (who was in no way a part of the current engagements.)
  10. *presses PTT* "we have a collection of 6 of your armbands that were ripped from the corpses of your friends that tell a different story* *releases PTT*
  11. You just said above that you think to initiate on a car there should be some sort of obvious obstruction in the road...
  12. Yeah I gotcha. I just dislike with this being an RP server that is as realistic as possible on a game, it has a rule that is completely unrealistic.
  13. yes, there are better looking vehicles. But are there better humvees?
  14. How? If I cut a tree down in the middle of the road IRL no cars are getting past. The issue i have with it is that you wouldn't hear them IRL either. So IRL to stop a car someone would use a roadblock or something to stop them, not a magical text message.
  15. I mean 90% of the map is nothing but trees lol.
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