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  1. Jock Connor, will be a californian forest ranger who survived the apocolapse when off on vacation when traveling through Chernarus to backpackw ith his wife Sarah. Just looking to survive with my friends, and help people when possible. But through that, he has watched all his friends die in his arms, causing him to have a twisted past due to bandits and betrayals. You never know what he might do now when engaged upon, and has lost his trustworthy nature. He has an existential crisis between good and evil and he is going through those problems as we speak. His survival outdoor knoledge is what has kept him alive all these years living alone after his family and friends were murdered. Jock Connor is also a weapons expert and believes in personal protection at all times. His favorite weapon of chose is the Colt 1911 that his wife gave him for his last birthday present before the outbreak. When bandits killed his family they took the gun with them, he is on the search for the weapon as it is one of the last memories of his wife, and regular world that no longer exists.
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