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  1. Haha! How invigoratingly stimulating this thread appears to me! I am unable to hold time any further, please introduce me to this absolutely inspiring and exhilarating media content ASAP (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE). I will be anticipating! This hitherto is amazing!
  2. I have a new look everybody! I also am really enjoying the environment this almost looks like real life it's crazy! Hah!
  3. Had a lot of fun interacting with you fine gentlemen and women throughout this entertainingly spectacular time (1:00 AM EST) and would like to commend you for your extravagant roleplaying abilities. I was flabbergasted by such an altercation, please, continue this absolutely sensational, dazzling, and splendid roleplaying on DayZ RP (Nyheim). Good day,
  4. Congratulations on the approval guys! Good luck out there, haha!
  5. I’d like to thank everybody for such positive feedback so far! I can tell you guys are excited for the direction this thread is going haha! Don’t worry, I’ll be posting more soon and keep the community updated!
  6. judge

    I’m back

    Welcome back to the community! Enjoy your time here and good luck in this post apocalyptical world set in the 2070s! Haha!
  7. I honestly thought we were all friendly and just joking around on an OOC level. I said that as a joke days ago and completely forgot about that situation and I'm pretty sure a few of you also started making jokes or "fun of me" for complying. I've already talked to a few of you guys privately as well about just better behavior to be taken and I've been listening. Even the situation after that, which I won't go too much into, you guys also sent me quite a number of messages, which I hope were in a joking manner... I just don't know anymore. There's more to say but I just don't have enough care to go ahead to find and post screenshots, I'll just say what happened. After every interaction it's just friendly banter and playing around, I don't care, I thought it was funny, the usual, w/e, but you guys seem to be going too far by just leaking DMs, and not only that, trying to use them against me + the group. I was there since before your OOC group was created, rolled with you boys for quite a while, and you should know me well enough to know that I'm literally just a shitposting menace in DM's and OOC'ly with you guys, nothing I say is serious unless I explicitly state it when talking to you, but you guys just seem to be looking for crumbs to use here. I'm just disappointed, and thought you guys were a lot more chill and closer, but times change and I realize that now... Anyways, I won't go too far off topic here. I do want you all to know that I have listened to everything you have said and have been improving after seeing what you guys wanted on an OOC and IC level, so just know that and relay it to your group as I've been told of my possible behavioral issues that I am fixing and believe I have fixed. Remember this. At the end of the day, we're all here to have fun and don't want any OOC issues between us, as I probably don't care as much as you do, and would rather solve things between us in a few sentences, not multiple forum posts. If you have anything you want to bring up to me DM it to me as you have been. Either way, haha, good luck out there boys and can't wait to interact with you all in game! I also don't intend to start a back and forth here in this group thread so either just DM me or the leader, but that's really all I have to say and mention to you.
  8. I never knew him but I'd like to give my condolences. May he rest in peace.
  9. Haha! Wow! I'm so excited! This is my media thread where I will post some pictures or videos of DayZRP.com that I find interesting! Here's the first one! I really love this outfit and think it suits my character well!
  10. I also agree with the majority of people speaking/typing within the comments on this forum post discussing the argument of keeping traders off the server or adding them back (the majority of people according to the statistic so far as of this time writing (8/29/2021, 1:00 PM EST about) being 73%, making it the majority, which means I am agreeing with the majority of people who voted and typed stating that they should not be added back, and if this statistic ever changes I'll be sure to update my post to make it more accurate just in case the statistic changes so I am not providing false information.) Onto my point, though, I agree that these traders should not be on the server because they honestly break immersion, you can't do anything with a trader meaningfully like speak, RP, or rob. You can't make it work with one group or not the other, and something I thought that was very unique is that you can't break open the ATM machine full of currency or valuable items/cash. With no trader the roleplay quality would be dramatically higher and maybe a study can be done on this just in case traders were added back to figure out how the roleplay quality is changing (based on statistics and proper evidence/study being done on it just to make sure). This would probably help in what the proper choice would be for the server and really what benefits it the most. Until that study is done, my stand will change on keeping these off of the server as I believe, my own personal opinion not swayed by anything else, is that we should keep them off the server because of roleplay quality... it would be terrible I think to have traders on the server and to be quite honest having traders on the server may perhaps make me think about continuing to play because of how much the roleplay quality would go down. I mean, that's just my take on it. Haha! Either way! This is just my view, but I do not think traders should be on the server, at least not at this very moment in time or anywhere within a few weeks (like 2 - 4) or something like that yeah.
  11. judge

    Excal here!

    Welcome to the community, enjoy your time here!
  12. Welcome to the community, enjoy your stay! Haha!
  13. Welcome to the community! I hope that you enjoy your stay here!
  14. Wow! This group looks really cool! Good luck guys! Haha! Can't wait to see you guys in game and hopefully have a high quality interaction!
  15. judge


    Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay!
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