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  1. Had some cool RP with you guys. Cool people. Keep it up.
  2. judge

    Baiting Sitnik

    Yeah that’s why I was trying to sneak around, but you caught us red handed boosting in.
  3. judge

    Baiting Sitnik

    I was there last night, didn’t really do much but try to boost into the base. I was given multiple warnings at first, eventually backing down as the situation evolved to be very provocative and baity (you can see me in the video pause when I said something very bait-like without thinking, not my intention at all), which made me back down and leave so it wouldn't turn into the situation seen here. I had an opportunity to just hop in right in front of the guy, but I didn’t Later, somebody found another way inside while the one person we saw inside and talking couldn’t see us, other people in my dynamic distracting him. I manage to make it inside with two others, when we’re suddenly spotted and initiated on. I comply at first and then realize there’s other people shooting into the compound, to which I see an opportunity to potentially escape. I’m given orders to drop down by my captor, where I end up not complying, hoping the guy behind me joins in. I get cornered by two guys, fighting them off and eventually die from a sniper round. I didn’t have any intentions of baiting an initiation and would've done it myself once in a proper position inside the compound, which I lacked, if anything, I tried to avoid the other group initiating on me so I could see where everything would go, it's just a shame the guy saw me in such a vulnerable position.
  4. Nathan Crime served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC), finding a fondness in marksmanship, before being cycled into the United Nations Peacekeeping Corps for a short period of time, being stationed in Chernarus to assist with the recovery of the area following the civil war. After the infection, Nathan was to be exfiltrated - although that didn't occur due to lack of unit cohesion and the general amount of chaos building up. Without the majority of outside communication available, Nathan set out to maintain himself and survive. He now roams the land, a free man.
  5. "Five canned bacon and it's a deal, whoever pays first."
  6. "I'll help you kill this clown, man. Sounds like a real asshole... Noah Russo refused to take my job."
  7. "I am interested in hiring you. Please contact me on my private frequency."
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: After discussing it further with those involved in the situation (on my side), I've come to the conclusion that I should appeal the points due to the nature of the events. During the encounter, and near the time after my disconnect, the 'slaves' weren't exactly 'slaves.' To the best of my side's memory, the 'slaves' were relaxing around, in our comms at one point, and weren't exactly being held there against their will, even being given permissions to log/leave 2 minutes after I logged off myself. I do hope a second look is taken at this situation to see where it goes, I just don't want to have these points hanging down on me for something that wasn't too large of an issue in the first place. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: It was late at night, I was tired, I just wanted to leave the situation that was pretty stagnant. I'm also fairly certain (once again, due to the age of the situation) that some facts might be slightly off due to evidence I don't personally remember or have access to. It's also the first time I've been banned for something that's been considered 'combat logging.' I also don't believe anything else in the situation was severely impacted by me disconnecting to go sleep. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Simply the removal of my 10 warning points. What could you have done better?: I could have potentially made attempts to be more patient to avoid the entire thing, despite the circumstances of the situation, and wait out the timer or ask for permissions to log to all parties involved just in case.
  9. I can expand more on this at a later date and check for video footage (if I have any, considering my game crash might have cancelled my recording status.) Not on PC right now. To sum it up, I roll dynamically with the rest of the Bridgewater boys and we initiate on the entire compound with some hostages initially complying (reinitiating after many of us crash as well.) Multiple hostiles die and eventually a third party shows up, who we assumed was the backup of the people my boys and I were raiding after the final enemy starts shouting he has backup. I loop around the compound with my last remaining ally as many go unresponsive, to then spot you, and from my perspective, a hostage who isn’t complying with demands that were given to them. Mostly what drove me to kill you was the ensuing firefight and the fact you had a loaded weapon present on you. Maybe I would’ve reacted differently if there was no weapon on you, or if it was much later in the firefight, but I saw that as a direct threat to my ally and I as people were rather close (to my knowledge, at least.) I had no interest in using rules to kill somebody for no reason, I just saw you as a potential threat. I would be happy to talk this out through discord if you so wish, as I find it much more efficient.
  10. Nathan Law was born in the United States of America. He lived a relatively normal life, growing up pre-infection and eventually joining the military. Law served within the USMC, eventually being cycled into the United Nations Peacekeeping Corps. Nathan was then transferred to Chernarus in order to assist with the recovery of the country after the recent civil war. Suddenly, the infection made an outbreak within Nathan's general area, keeping him confined within the borders of the country. Now, he simply survives in a new world.
  11. hmu if you run a fuck ton of labs/shoreline/reserve, looking for people to play with, been solo for a bit
  12. Bob Bridgewater was born to a huge family in the United States of America, specifically in Alabama. Eventually, the family turned into a large group of criminals and drug addicts, which resulted in some being arrested or killed. Bob just simply stuck to simple things, enjoying the peaceful part of life. Bob followed his family to a place far away from home, becoming a meth addict and violent individual. He now lives happily in a place he still doesn't understand or care to understand. A simple man, Bob Bridgewater.
  13. Pretty old situation. Took a hostage who was hiding in a bush, found out it was Neo, so we escorted him to the next town over. After, Neo's buddy shows up and we hold him up and give a list of quick demands, to which he then pulls out his rifle - an obvious threat to me and my allies, so I kill him. Eventually, I move to the town after this situation ends and hang around for a bit, then logging.
  14. Good roleplay and some good fights recently. Keep it up.
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