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  1. I'd like this report to be closed. Talked it with Pep in DMs.
  2. Server and location: Server ONE, Kabanino. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 00:35 or so, it just happened around half an hour ago of this report's posting. Your in game name: John Leber Names of allies involved: Kabanino Runners and Dollars. Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Unknown. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Essentially, Kabanino was raided multiple times by various groups in the past 12 hours or so. All of those attacks failed, resulting in the base + occupants remaining. After the final raid, things settled down and we remained on alert for a good amount of time. Organizing, securing the area, and doing various other things - it was concluded that all hostile engagements were over. This entire situation started when I was standing still, and got shot multiple times in the torso with no initiation or reasoning at all. This first attempt failed, to where I ran off and healed up as allies chased down the unknown individual. My allies died in confusion as we didn't know what was going on at all, and the rest of us followed shortly after being hit from unknown areas from unknown people, with no initiation at all. From that point on, the rest of the people at the base were shot and killed. There will probably be input from the many other people who fell victim to this event.
  3. bob123


    wow, those guys got slimed
  4. That's exactly why I stated your friend was just in the wrong situation at the wrong time. I'm not trying to justify my lack of identifying the proper target, I'm just saying that your friend entered at a really bad time, perhaps the worst, and all the additional facts added up built to me not identifying your friend properly. It's why I've apologized, because that was something executed with flaws. Not sure if I stated this in a previous post, and this isn't some attempt to justify the killing, but the group just popped up and exploded in members - starting out passive until the initial raiders entered. There wasn't much time to organize ourselves and construction of the area wasn't finished, the majority just was not prepared for a raid to happen that quickly or at all. Once again, I apologize for this unfortunate event.
  5. It had been around 9 - 10 minutes since the second large engagement occurred, and only 6 - 7 before the town went silent, give or take. Keep in mind, the enemies who were attacking barely said a word, only one really being heard speaking. We were convinced that anybody that enters the building is a hostile, especially when they don't say a word and start moving around the place. All friendlies on the outside were taken out, and being cramped into the building didn't help with target identification, we didn't know how many were out there, but we knew they were still alive besides maybe 1 or 2. Also, considering the main attackers came back in for a second round after the first firefight, we were positive that they simply retreated to gather any back up they could've had and just head in for another, which is why I remained in my position for 10 minutes and more. I'm not saying the killing was completely justified, I'm just saying your friend turned up at the wrong time. Maybe to avoid this, your friend could've just said they were entering, asking if anybody was inside, stating they aren't involved with the conflict and don't have their weapons out. Even if the town was silent for double the time, that's no excuse to enter the area with dead bodies all over the place without announcing your entry, announcing your entry while mentioning you're not one of the attackers. Anything can happen, so it's best to be prepared for anything. I completely understand from your perspective that the majority of the sounds were suppressed or just out of range, judging by the posted videos, and your friend was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. None of the attackers were spotted with armbands, and your group I guess took off their armbands before being spotted by me, if you even wear any, because I found many red ones on your group's dead bodies.
  6. Also, to respond to @Ducky, I was the one who killed the hostage - although it was not at all intentional. I wasn't able to properly identify you in the short time span the entire fight took place, so I just randomly sprayed under the impression that you guys were just leaving the scene after winning the fight. By coincidence, my team mate was the only one who died or possibly was injured, not sure if any of the logs that go that far back are available. Again, just a lack of cohesive IC communication.
  7. Just another thing to point out, it was a very fresh and hostile zone when you entered by jumping over the borders of our base, without saying a word, and walking up the stairs - maybe I was a bit jumpy, but you did whip out your rifle as you went up stairs (as seen in your recording), giving more perception from our side that you were one of the raiders who survived the encounter and still actively engaging us - also, seen in the recording, it was a second before we shot you, we shot you, or at least I did, because you pulled out your weapon in the fresh combat zone. I apologize, I really do, if you weren't directly involved/involved at all with this event - it was just bad fucking luck to get lined up in something like that.
  8. During the encounter, I was told the base was being raided - the people in the yellow armbands, us - and it in fact was. There was a group of 3 initially, maybe more, and we fought for a good while before securing the the base after maybe half an hour or more. The attackers all lived and left, and we were unsure who exactly they were and if they were coming back for another go at the raid. So, just being cautious and on alert, we, or at least a good portion of active members on, took cover in the two story piano building. To mention, the initial raiders did kill a member of the group, which sparked the overall situation. Anyways, I was held up as one of the last survivors in the building - cautiously holding it down. People came toward the base after there was a large yelling of 'PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP' from outside of the base, a second conflict being sparked. A few were killed, on both sides, and the central base of the area was still being held down by me and another. A single person entered, convinced by us that they were the raiders, and was killed after elevating up to my fellow defender and I (as shown in the video, me in the black, peeking and head-shotting them). The second person that came up the stairs started yelling out random things, "let me help my friend," or something along the lines of that. Convinced this was a trick, my fellow defender yelled out a few times to essentially fuck off or you will be shot - just in case it wasn't some trick, or an attempt to sneak in and kill the last survivors. The person eventually retreated down, and a few attempts for tossing grenades up the stairs didn't work from the enemy's side. Right after, I heard the same distinct voice from the same person who said 'PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP' earlier. After that, I was for sure there was something fishy occurring. So, the situation escalated even more, resulting in the death of many of the enemies. A little after confirmations were made that no hostiles were in the base, I looted a bit and logged off to take a break. I come back to finding out I was temporarily banned, to make this response. To mention - if anything wrong was indeed done, it was probably due to a heavy lack of cohesive communication, which even resulted in friendly fire among the group, me included in this. There was a raid before, and we were still cautious for the next two hours or so where we still had rights to combat the enemy. I hadn't touched the server for a long period of time before this, actually being my first form of combat since then, and was quite jumpy. The only reason I'm still confused is because of the male yelling to 'PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP' being identified as possibly being affiliated with reporters, stating something like 'YOU JUST KILLED ONE OF OUR GROUP MEMBERS.' Simply, to end this, I apologize for anything I may have done to disrupt experiences, but this entire situation was just a big cluster fuck of invalid target identification, friendly fire, and too much confusion. Even in the video, you can see the piles of bodies and equipment (considering the server was restarted, so the bodies aren't present) from the previous hostile encounters we had in the video above. Later, as shown in the video, we were quite prepared for combat and any hostile engagement. Maybe something in the logs can be found to line all of this information up, but that's from my view point. The individuals wandered right in to an active war zone, if they aren't the ones who attacked in the first place.
  9. John Leber served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC), finding a fondness in marksmanship, before being cycled into the United Nations Peacekeeping Corps for a short period of time, being stationed in Chernarus to assist with the recovery of the area following the civil war. After the infection, John was to be exfiltrated - although that didn't occur due to lack of unit cohesion and the general amount of chaos building up. Without the majority of outside communication available, John set out to maintain himself and survive. After long periods of isolation, John continued to push through and survive on scavenged items - although became slightly loopy, losing parts of himself that once defined the man. Leber typically prefers to be isolated, the relatively long periods of time being alone molded into himself. Despite this, the core values that were forged into John remained quite strongly. He's performed some negative actions, murder, thievery, you name it. There's always an excuse for everything, something to keep him going. John's only goal is to survive in this hell of a world. Leber still, above everything else, sees something positive in the simplicity of some things - but wouldn't hesitate for a second to turn things back to the way they once were.
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