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  1. HeadAss


    *Freddy Daniels presses the button on the side of his radio* Sorry for taking your car guys. We needed it for something important. No hard feelings? *Freddy lets go of the button*
  2. Freddy grew up in a rough neighborhood to a poor family. He spent quite a long time hanging with the local hoodlums after school, soon becoming one of the top dogs of the populace. For years he spent the afternoons and weekend lounging around his home town and loitering around near the local dairy queen. On his 16th birthday, Freddy was offered an opportunity to rob a liquor store on the outskirts of the town. Freddy took the opportunity. The robbery was successful and Freddy walked away with an extra 500 dollars in his pocket. Freddy used the cash to buy xanax off of the silk road alternative and resold them for more profit. Years later with the same crew as the liquor robbery, they traveled to Chernarus after being informed of possible criminal activities, specifically large scale drug peddling. Soon after arriving, the infection his and his crew split apart.
  3. I don't see why. Maybe on the alternative servers where there are quite a lot less people but on Server 1 I run into people quite frequently
  4. Thanks to everyone I met today, had a nice chat with a woman named Fay, and then witnessed a big gunfight! Thanks to all for the roleplay I received!
  5. That seems unfair, and unnecessary. If the reports come out with a negative verdict, they're already being punished. And if they don't, there's no need. I believe @Eagle says it best.
  6. Although this would be pretty realistic, I love playing in third person, as I despise having a close field of view, especially in games like this.
  7. I had a nice run in with the black arm band group! Thanks for chatting with me in kabanino. Also heres to the guys in in vybor, great roleplay with Ivan, James, and the other guy I forget the name of.
  8. Maybe add a cosmetic gas mask to the item shop instead of the one that gives you an advantage?
  9. James Davis, a tourist who fled to Chernarus after he was forced out of Takistan by a gang after he was robbed of all his money and thrown into the woods. James is 22 years old and originally born in Florida, he studied law for the majority of his college career, but towards the end began to study medical basics, as he dreamed of becoming a police officer. The first week after finishing college, James decided to travel abroad and observe the culture of Takistan, as you know he is robbed by a gang and thrown into the woods to survive. James will often attempt to be as altruistic as possible, opting to forfeit his own safety in most situation to save anyone he may consider a friend or acquaintance. In these times friends and family are all that James has, and value them as if they are a necessity. Upon wandering through the woods into Chernarus, James wandered until he found himself in the town of Kamenka, though he did not know the name of the town at the time. As he did not speak the language, all James managed to do was get himself steered towards the direction of Zelenogorsk. Around the time he arrived in Pavlovo, he encountered a woman acting very strangely, stumbling down the road, seemingly badly injured as she was walking with her foot twisted and using the side of her ankle to support herself. As James approached he noticed a dark substance dripping from most orifices on her face. Around that moment the woman's head jerked up suddenly to look at James, which caught him off guard, causing him to stumble back and fall onto the pavement. The infected woman began to charge and threw herself on top of James, attempting to bite him. Adrenaline rushed through James' veins as he fought to get away. He managed to push the woman off and scramble away towards the town ahead, screaming for help.The screams continued until James realized the entire town was infected, and there was no solace to be found. James, in a panic, sprinted as fast as he could into the tree line, running until he couldn't physically run anymore. James then collapsed from exhaustion and fell asleep. The next day, as James' eyes fluttered open, he noticed four figures standing over him, discussing whether or not he was dead. These figured turned out to be a group of survivors who had stumbled upon him while bypassing major roads. The group took him in, lending their trust in him, one member in particular took a liking to James, her name was Molly. Months later, as the group headed into a large city they did not know the name of, a large gang of 'savage looters' as James would refer to them as, took the group of survivors hostage. What seemed to be a few days passed, and the looters came to the conclusion that they did not want to leave any loose ends that might wind up harming them later. Molly, along with the rest of the group was executed in front of James. When it came time for his turn on the chopping block, James managed to escape his binds and run aimlessly into the night, eventually losing the tail of the looters and finding himself in a smaller town to the east. James fled north and camped out in a shack in the woods. Eventually when his supplies dwindled, James made the tough decision to venture south to find other survivors, rather than face the wrath of starvation.
  10. HeadAss


    Glad to see you in the community friend! Hopefully we can rekindle the joy from the old days of CS!
  11. HeadAss


    is there a button somewhere? cause if its supposed to automatically put me in it didnt oh gosh I found it I must be blind. thank you!
  12. HeadAss


    Do I need to be whitelisted to join the discord? I set up my discord in the settings but I cant find a join link to the discord
  13. Thank you very much! This will definitely help out a lot
  14. Thank you very much! I really hope I dont mess it up. Theres a lot of rules but after a few readings through I should be good to go
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