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  1. As for the character I'd like to play as, his name will be James Wolfe. He a veteran that only shows his skills when need and he is also a leader. He always needs that feeling of leadership, so you can expect him to be lingering around with members of his camp. He is all about respect and as long as no one means harm to him, well I'd just say that they still have a head on their shoulders. Wolfe has no idea what happened to his wife and daughter. The city was being evacuated the day of the outbreak and he was split up from his family by the government for what they said were safety measure. A lot of his pain stems from that day and he wants nothing to do with any of the government workers. He was left in Chernogorsk as the military trucks sped away with his wife and daughter, who to this day have not been seen. Wolfe feels that hope is lost and its just him and his camp members. He promises to keep all of them safe as long as they pledge to do the same for him. The camp find themselves moving around like nomads but plan to find a place to settle and call home. They roam up and down the streets looking for supplies to keep themselves safe from all the other strangers that roam around Chernarus.
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