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  1. You know what is a tad bit stupid?

    Coming into a situation where a group is obviously using OOC comms.

    Then this group proceeds to shit talk you for the next 10 minutes using information that is not possible for them to have.

    And upon closing the "conversation" and going to leave they call you a retard because you said "wow you guys are very hospitable."

    (he said "not to retards like you")

    Soon after walking away for about 3 seconds he says "hands up or die" at about mach 3.
    Upon turning around you get shot in the face

    (fair enough)

    And your friend gets shot even though he put his hands in air like they asked.

    (dick move)

    Even though this friend is not part of an approved group with you so the kill rights they would have had on you doesn't go to him.


    1. Fae


      I mean yall can throw up a report instead of complaining on a status if you think a rule has been broken

    2. Deus


      We have no video evidence of the encounter.

      Though I am irritated with the encounter, I don't wish for anyone to get in trouble, I just wished they would have handled themselves in a more realistic manor that would have at least made them turning last second to shoot us plausible for the situation.

      Besides, complaining is easier and more fun.

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