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  1. Before the outbreak, my parents named me Artemis. In my younger years it was a source of bullying. "You have a girls name" they would chant. Most bullies can't be bothered with learning a bit of history. I've lost the will to correct them. Artemis is a name of honor in my family. It's given only to a worthy male once every hundred years. It's a history, that may well be lost - but never forgotten. This is a new world and my friends now know me as Shade. The first thing people will notice is my American accent, but I have a worldly experience. I'm a survivor - I've been around long enough to see the world end, and I plan to be around to see it revived. I believe the first step is reestablishing communications. I've been hired by a global organization "The Grid" seeking to reestablish a worldwide network. I've been assigned to Chernarus due to my past experience with Georgia and the Southern-Russia border. My mission is survey the area, scout the local radio towers and establish a base at one of the several radio towers in the region. It's been many years since I've been to Chernarus, but I should be able to find my way around. I know of a few towers that meet the criteria: only god knows what condition they are in - or who has control of those areas. A hundred years ago we communicated by sending messages on foot. Messengers were once revered people, but that was in the old world. Hopefully there are still good people that will understand.
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