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  1. The Resistance [Open Frequency]

    *Arno shook his head, having listened and been amused by this chatter for some time now. Bringing up his radio to his mouth he began to speak in kind.* "Unless you are Chernarussian, native or live here. This 'taking back what's yours' involves taking military equipment and nothing else. If you are so eager to meet death over an object... Your life truly is not worth that much to you." *He sighs and shakes his head* "Shall I remind some, in fact... ALL of you. That you are still under Chernarussian law, that you will be prosecuted in our courts. And when this is blown over, and everything returns to normal. You will not be going home. My advice, take it, leave it, wipe your ass with it. I care not. Stop, while you are ahead. Stop, before you meet your demise. Stop, before going home is never going to be an option." *Arno released the PTT and puts his radio back in his vest.*
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    Master has given dobby a sock


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      He's perfectly fine.  In fact, he has been reborn anew.

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  3. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    She's cute and funny. That I can say for certain.
  4. To the people who destroyed UN Camp [Open frequency]

    *Arno awakes from his sleep and hears this. His eyes still adjusting to the hour before he glances over at the nearing empty bottle of Vodka. He doesn't respond immediately, instead, he reaches over into his pack and wadded up some coffee grinds that he later used to stuff into his lip.* *After a moment he comes to a bit more and whisks up his radio* "Ah... Do not call me sunny. I've heard that is term for eggs. Sunnyside up? Yes. Since... You feel the need to interrupt my... Time of filling out certain paperwork. I will gladly answer. Is there more evidence? Yes. And it will be given out at higher officer's command. The statement you heard was entirely true. However this was one of the straws that... Broke camel's back. I'd say it was a big straw... More like a small tree... Actually fuck it. A big tree broke the camel's back alright. But that's not the point. Would you trust peacekeepers and doctors storing samples of infected tissue next or adjacent to medical supplies that are regularly used on civilians? Now I'm not certain of your stance. But the CDF takes the infection seriously. As such, this breach in basic human decency could have ended with the camp being burned to the ground. But it wasn't torched. Though it should have." *Put his radio down and began to whistle a soft tune, glancing over at his rifle set up in a kill hole.*
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    *Cough* Gif backgrounds are nice right? . . . . . .

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  5. To the people who destroyed UN Camp [Open frequency]

    *Rolls his eyes, lighting up a cigarette* "Pro štěstí. Prostě zavřete skutečné kurva." *Picking up his radio he responds* "I'm not officer. I'm Private. You will hear of location when it is needed and deemed necessary by higher ranking personnel Have I sufficiently answered your condescending question mam? I am busy. I have... Paperwork to get to." *He released the PTT and glanced to his left, then right, sure that no one was around on the roof before he stood up off the crate and withdrew a half drank bottle of Vodka and a glass.*
  6. To the people who destroyed UN Camp [Open frequency]

    *Arno blinks, stirring his can of heated spaghetti with his trusty spoon and glances over at his radio, placed on an ammunition box. Next to an open canteen of Kompot. His grey eyes blinked and shook his head, reaching over and turning down the volume of his radio for a few more bites of his spaghetti before finally responding* "For woman, You're not... really that bright. Perhaps your biggest folly is thinking this attack was without merit or purpose or reasoning. The hands of the CDF were tied and we receive plenty of evidence warranting such an offensive march. Shall I make this clear. We did not want to kill anyone. We simply wished to disarm and escort formerly recognized military personnel to Miroslavl where they could be returned to their respective countries. The WHO doctors, were not harmed, nor was their research destroyed. While we do wish them here to research the infection, they need to be kept watchful eye on and that is what is to be done. Do not jump to conclusions, the CDF has more to fight for than anyone else. We have our Home." *He places the radio back down on the ammunition box and looks off over at the horizon, taking another bite of his spaghetti, biting on the spoon to keep it in his mouth while his hand dips into his vest and withdraws a pack of Malboro red cigarettes.*
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  7. Arno Orlov

    Arno was born to a Chernarussian/Russian Mother and Russian/Finnish Father in Zelenogorsk several years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is a twin to the brighter of the two Adal, who was from a young age favored for his superior school skills. Meanwhile, Arno was seen as the more industrious, the perceptive and steadfast one that helped take care of the family after the disaster that was an awful car crash in which his parent's pickup rolled over and killed both. In his early years, Arno excelled in sports, commonly seen more on the football pitch than in the classroom. This would reflect greatly, with his brother earning an academic scholarship rather early on in life to the University in Novigrad. However, sports didn't carry Arno nearly as far. After he turned sixteen, his brother and his sister were put in a tough situation after loosing their parents. They were t-boned along the North Highway by a drunk driver and they were both killed. Leaving them with hardly any money and lack of direction. Arno took the mantle of responsibility until he came of age to join the CDF military. Which would cement some stability for his sister who in turn was having trouble finding a job. After completing basic, he applied for advanced recon and marksman training to which he was tested and passed with flying colors, hitting a perfect 50/50 on the marksman course. Shortly after his designation and appointment he was quickly dispatched towards the site around Tisy prior to the outbreak
  8. Character Creation(Journalist)

    I mean since this is a global phenomenon, I wouldn't see it as bad RP. But definitely do the research on it. What's the main motivation? A promotion? Maybe building a resume? Or perhaps your character is an adrenaline junkie of sort and being on the front lines could be bring some sort of thrill to you. All and all, go for it. The world obviously needs to know about this so reporters and such would be absolutely necessary, though would likely have to go through great lengths go get past quarantine at this rate.
  9. Is ok if my character start this rumor?

    Rumors are of course rumors. What... Reasoning do you have for this? I mean that's the big question. While you're words might start an uprising against friendly peacekeepers. It might also spell your death IC. Keep in mind you are taking a rather large risk accusing the combined armed forces of several countries who have no part in the infection other than to keep the peace and protect WHO personnel while they conduct research. Do not think it'll go unnoticed. Actions have consequences.
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  10. Back-ish?

    You wound me.