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  1. Autumn

    Profile music keeps switching off

    I'd recommend using ShareX. I've never had an issue with it other than the occasional denial of service, but that was likely due to the servers being overloaded. Also the problem can likely be as simple as re-uploading the song to a different service. Let us know if any of these solutions work out for you.
  2. Autumn

    Time played question

    Bylat. Nyet Should be ChernaRussaski BLYAT No probably a typo, a meme typo.
  3. Autumn

    What Kind of Songs Would You Like To Hear From AHST?

    Since we're all headed that way *Fingerguns*
  4. Autumn

    Howdy, another RP question!

    It seems we're on the same side here then. I must have skimmed through your post. My apologies.
  5. Autumn

    Howdy, another RP question!

    This is true, but desensitized violence doesn't mean death. Breaking someone's legs and beating someone senseless shouldn't mean death. The human body is able to deal with a rather incredible amount of trauma. Through adrenaline, through pain mitigation we can push beyond that. In truth the DayZ forumla makes the human body be much weaker than it actually is. Especially with how 'hardened' our survivors seem. Lets be honest. How many people do you know that could run 25 KM in varied terrain with several obstacles in your way? I imagine the answer is not many. But this is the standard we're left with. Our characters are essentially Olympic level athletes with osteoporosis. That's a fucking oxymoron in and of itself. I went through high-school and played for one of the best American football teams in the country. And from it I took the simple adage. "The body is willing, but the mind. It's weak." -Coach Seandor Emmanuael. We can survive so much trauma so long as our mindset allows us to. Survival, to a certain degree, is a mental affair.
  6. Autumn

    Howdy, another RP question!

    Oh my this thread is littty. I suppose I should throw in my two cents. When I was in staff, doing harm to any of your hostages in a physical game manner means that you are aware of the state of the game and that it could very well lead to the death of your hostages and you getting slapped up with a nice 3 day ban. As much as we all would like to feel the UUUMFH of smacking someone up the side of the head with a baseball bat, we can't. Believe me, I wish I could be there bear Jew from Inglorious Bastards, but hey game mechanics don't allow it. Least not now. But for anyone who's seen the movie... We know that 'gentleman' didn't make it far in terms of living. But the first hit would've certainly knocked him completely out. Or rattled him to the point of unconsciousness and shock depending on how much adrenaline his body is able to produce. Emotes make roleplay spicy, lemme tell you. It allows you to do things that are restricted by this stupid, buggy game. A prime example is when I duct tapped @Lyca's clown mask to my fist, beat her within an inch of her life, and snapped both of her legs. Had I actually done this with in-game mechanics, she would have died. No if, ands or butts about it, especially with the amount of detail the emotes had. As for emoting being unconscious, it's a touchy as all hell subject. Because it depends on the severity of the action that put you under. Being shot by a high caliber rifle? Yeah that'd put you in shock, might not knock you out, but a gray area. Hit with a baseball bat in the head? Yeah. But the point is. At what point does it become excessive? The medical RP to save the person and the action emoting unconsciousness. This I think needs to be handled at GM and admin discretion. If someone emotes being Unconscious and the people leave in two minutes, then complain the person avoided RP... That seems fish fish fishy. I feel like the verdict more or less let the OP get away with being under for that long, as I did see the video in it's entirety. But I don't think that warrants painting the pavement with his blood with an SVD.
  7. Autumn

    Who/What/Why Inspired your Current Character in DayZRP?

    Ethan Quinn was a character that I played last patch briefly, insipred by my brother and some of my friends IRL (I know I can't believe I actually have those). Arno Orlov was made specifically for the CDF. Nothing really sparked him, just a want to change groups and hang out with the CDF lads. Ignac Stana... All I gotta say is @Major
  8. Autumn

    dayz closing itself and returning to desktop

    There is a temporary fix that I've found to work. Go to your steam directory for Day Z Hard drive - Steam - Steamapps - Common - DayZ Then right click the executable files and click properties. Then set in the compatibility tab to disable full screen optimizations. It should fix the issue, it worked for me for the time being however it eventually did crash about an hour later. Temporary fix for temporary problem.
  9. Autumn

    Question on my charecters conditon

    As long as you are not in any roleplay situation it should be fine. You likely we're dead, or in a state of loosing blood/health that put you in a 'coma'.
  10. Autumn

    Backstory Depth

    Backstories, at least to me, should always be something considered a work in progress. The more you play and understand how things are going in-game you might want to tweak some things. Or another person's backstory inspires you to do something different and unique with your own. But of course everything that happens in-game adds to it, it becomes the backstory, the past.
  11. Autumn

    Steam Account Linking Will Not Work

    If you would like some help in gaining more time playing DayZ, I'd suggest familiarizing yourself with the controls and emotes. Hopping in to any server and just 'dicking around' will likely help you in your endeavors to RP in the future, allowing for more fluid interactions in-game.
  12. Autumn

    What would you like to see added to the in game landscape?

    I mean I'd love for a combat system like Tarkov. But in hopes and dreams. No, like legit. Give me a snowy area. That's just a personal area. But that means I can be the spirit of Winter then. Not the spirit of Autumn. :thinking: Also yaknow a non-buggy as shit game would also be nice.
  13. Autumn

    The Stamina Bar and how it will effect DayZ SA + DayZRP

    I've had several discussions about this with other people. But as someone who normally travels light, (Without a backpack), unless I'm carrying medical supplies. This is good. I can generally get places that other people can faster and more efficiently. However, as implied by some devs, vehicles will be taken out for the beginning of the patch and added in later on. This I see as a huge issue for a few reasons. 1. Unrealistic as shit. 2. Essentially makes carrying larger backpacks not viable. 3. Slows down the already MOLASSES slow gameplay. 4. Limits rendezvous and role-play opportunities. I would prefer that they went ahead and postponed implementation until they perfect the cars in-game. But that's just me.
  14. Autumn



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      I have one of the original movie posters somewhere in my house.


  15. Ignac was born into a military family and as the oldest sibling, his path was laid out for him from day one. Very rarely was there this thing such as 'free time'. The 'free time' was the moments he spent at school in class rooms, educating in standardized curriculum with the occasional art and music class. There was such thing in his eyes as an after-school activity. He was to come home, do his homework, assist his mother in any way possible and then prepare for the next day. This gives meaning to his rather cold, calloused demeanor and almost bitter tendencies. However, one place unbeknownst to his family was his ability to visualize and recall. Art was an easy muse for him. In his teen years he very well could paint beautiful canvases of nature, towns and even people, in rare occasions. But this wasn't something that was in the plan. His entire life was regimented and planned until he was of age to apply to at the time, the USSR's armed forces. Basic training to him was easy, and before long on the dawn of 1990, he entered service as a rifleman. The praise received from his own father was luke-warm. He did what was expected of him only deepening his cold demeanor. Deployments had him in defensive positions in the local military base. It was a quiet life, aside from the occasional shipment came in that he received and stood guard over. There was glory in this, the hard, harsh military life was something advertized to him by his own father but this was... 'Gushy' at least by his own terms. Then it all came crashing down. Chernarus, as of 1991 was no longer under the control of the USSR. In fact, it didn't exist. He was now a soldier of no-nation left with a choice. Defect to the new Russian Federation or stay in Chernarus and join the budding CDF. His father made his choice and without so much as a "Proshchay". He was gone. Leaving Ignac as the sole patriarch of his family with his mother and three brother's and sisters working odd jobs to keep themselves afloat. This time was in his eyes, momentarily chaotic, revelations of abuse appeared in his mind. "He's not a man, he's a coward. He didn't care for us. No he didn't. Fuck him. Fuck him! He's a child, not a man." And out of some self-need to prove himself looked for a more lucrative career in the budding military. COBR. _____________________________________________________________________________REDACTED____________________________________________________________________________