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"Arn't edgy and trendy the same thing?"

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  1. What I mean is 'Fuck' a great word. 'Fuck' is a versatile word. It's a reliable word. I mean technically you could consider 'Fuck' the AK47 of words. But yes. Good RP
  2. https://media.giphy.com/media/XQZ9e74CqFkLS/giphy.gif
  3. We @Kenyi Why hellow Dan. How are you. @Faith Hai there. You appear to have found my profile many hours ago 10/10 would leaf again. @Lemons The Bioshock avatars of you two are kind edging me out. @Galland That is a face I haven't seen in ages. Well then. Hi. @Pain Huh. I think I know you.
  4. plate carrier

    *Responds with a rather curt* "Nope. Kill, search or give up. I ain't telling ya shit." *Flips the radio over to another frequency*
  5. plate carrier

    *Ethan glances at his radio in his hand, a bit bewildered as he eventually decides to respond* "I got one. Not gunna give it to you though." *Through the nylon he taps the Spalding wrapped plate beneath it* "Good luck finding one. Just gunna drum to my own beat here." *He continues to tap the plate with his middle finger joint, making a beat that would soon cut off after a minute*
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    When I read your post you tagged me in.68DB6312-A770-40CD-8F0B-18DC8EBB4D6A.gif.cffef310f6cb55dc4b4ac644b32a0044.gif

    1. Autumn


  6. Show some love <3

    NoFuckin' ell, come back to all these things, that make me wanna tear up. Time to get the true waterworks started. @Pipski @Halven @Kenyi @SomeWeirdAssGuy Fucking God, how long has it been since I met you four? Y'all were a fuckin riot in the NFC and to be honest I love all of y'all. You guys gave me a chance, and I'm happy to call you all my friends. Much love y'all. Long live the Northern Free Company. Edit: Forgot one. Rectified this matter. @Ark You have and always will be like a brother to me. I've been able to trust you with everything I've ever dealt with in this community and to be fair I confide in you like no other. You're like family to me, just remember that. @Clumsy We had our past and yeah, miss you to lassie. I hope everything goes well with your family that you are making. You are going to be a great mother. I know you will. @Ellie How about you come back sometime! Everyone misses you. @Hassan Yeah we don't agree, but much like Ark you're a bro. You're a homie. @Ender My son, my little shit of a son. I love ya buddy. Been some time and it was a pleasure having you in my group. @Faith I met you when I was a GM, you've always been a rock steady person and tbh you're one of the more resilient people I know. Keep on trucking, you got this. @Jade Sweetie Jade, the one thing I can say above all things is I am very, very, very proud of you. In how far you've gone and where you are as a person. You've got miles to go, and where you are now is just a stepping stone to your future. Love ya. @SarcasticSurgeon So when you gunna come say wassuh? Nah I've been long away hurricane boi. But I love ya and you are one of the first people I've ever met on DayZRP that I made a lasting IC friendship with. I can't believe you made me deliver human meat. You're still a dick for that. @RedSky @Fluffles @Demaabd My lovely DKZ lads, y'all have and always will be some of the greatest RPers I know. Not to mention y'all are chill to hang out with. I'll be seeing you all soon once this semester is over. @BostonSon. It's been 15 years since I went to get cigarettes. I came back with some memes for you. @Anouk Well. Hello there. @Lyca Awoooooo, 10/10 would break your legs again. @Rolle So like thanks for letting me back into the community, you've been pretty chill about that tbh. Thanks, hopefully things go well for you this upcoming year. @Terra Hey Aboosive Aunt. Thanks for being a guiding hand in my time in staff. You taught me so much shit and made me uncomfortable many, many times. Cheers. As for everyone else I haven't mentioned, sorry if I missed you. But I'll tell you what. I love the lot of you, life's too short to hold onto hatred. And while y'all have indeed taken away years of my life and thousands of hours of game time I'll never get back. Thank you @Hicks @Kanen @Nocheluz @Oisin @Stagsview @Chief @Pussy @Red @Helix @Storm @Bunny @Mohawk @Arcarius @Brad @Volke @Dishes @Coreena I'll leave a candle on for those lost this year. They know who they are and I miss quite a few of them. But yeah. That's some love y'all.
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    This is your fault ♥ You reminded me that this outfit was a thing



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    I see a Gorillaz fan.

    I like dis.

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  7. Here we go

    I wasn't mentioned. But cheers. Take care Clum clum
  8. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    Group looks like a blast. Some pretty hard RPers, feel like Dew's got his shit together here.
  9. Autumn

    Solid little message.

    If you are thinking about doing something stupid.


    Like legit. Don't bruh.

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    *A raven flies in from the North*


    *The Raven flies away, 'kek'ing in Chernarussian*

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    I'm stuck on your profile. It's so pretty c:


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      You are always welcome here :)

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      I think I like it here. 

  10. Private Arno Orlov PoV: Saw very briefly the fight transpiring in the courtyard, the accused was knocked out however I was able to grab a few screenshots of what he was saying and made sure he was alive IC before I gave the go ahead to disarm him, take his 4 handguns he had on him like some sort of pirate. Before allowing the civilians to go ahead and sort it out amongst themselves. Feeling the 'itch' of lack of RP quality I grabbed a few screenshots. These are the screenshots I nabbed: