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"What will your verse be?"

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  1. Autumn

    Drivers Issues

    I'd go as far as to go ahead and do another install, @Castiel Deleting all essential data for the OS and just reinstall. The only thing I can think of is something went wrong in the installation process.
  2. Eagle

    • Eagle
    • Autumn


    1. Autumn




      Want a beer? @Eagle


    2. Nihoolious


      Did you get the boot or did you leave

    3. Autumn


      I had the shortest term in office I believe of just under 24 hours. But still managed to do some good in the community.

      But I was booted Nihololololius. Final Warnings are a real big deal even after they're gone.

    4. Nihoolious


      lmao did they forget you had a final from ages ago. dumb

    5. Autumn


      Pretty easy oversight, I'm not really known for making waves in the report section or causing an overwhelming amount of damage on the forums with my words.

    6. Banshee


      You did good while it lasted!

    7. Autumn


      A few hours.

    8. Dan


      You can't be in staff if you've been on final? 

    9. Eagle


      No that was @LukeRP he lasted for a whole 30 seconds.

    10. Melvin


      biblethump tbh

  3. Melvin

    • Melvin
    • Autumn

    the dark side you have fallen

    1. Zanaan


      Autumn is one of us now... mwahahahaha

    2. Melvin


      it was nice knowing him

    3. Autumn


      Appears that won't be the case.

    4. Melvin
  4. Falk

    • Falk
    • Autumn

    Good Luck.

    1. Autumn


      I am Luck incarnate.

    2. Falk



  5. Mademoiselle

    • Mademoiselle
    • Autumn

    Soon GM?

    1. Autumn


      Next week. Already lined up for me.

    2. Autumn


      Scratch that.

    3. Mademoiselle


      ... oh... tf

    4. Autumn


      Had a final warning on my record. Rip.

    5. Mademoiselle



  6. Autumn

    0.63 Known issues and fixes

    Problem: Experiencing an error message such as this when using the DayZRP launcher. Solution: Uninstalling any and all files having to do with the DayZRP launcher including %appdata% and reinstalling them should remedy the issue.
  7. Autumn

    DZSA Launcher wont open anymore

    Unless you don't have the Mods installed correctly you shouldn't be experiencing an issue. However it's less of a headache to use what my boi @Descendants said and use our personal launcher. Sure it's easy mode for people who are more tech savvy but all it takes is setting it up to the proper directory and updates are a breeze. Do let us know if the problem persists after.
  8. Autumn

    DayZRP Staff Agreement

    I, Autumn hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  9. Autumn

    The Community's View on Hardcore-Style Survival

    I think in general, it would be a great change of pace. Actually having shit that makes it feel like you are two steps from the edge of hell would be nice. But the amount of modding that would need to take place for that to be a thing on DayZRP's current servers is just slightly unrealistic. Do I think the game needs to be more gritty? Yeah. As it is right now it's socialize and shoot shit simulator with fashion by Addias. Yes, but only to a certain degree. Also played 2017. Loved fucking people over in that. Felt like you really were fucking people over.
  10. Autumn

    Lore wipe?

    I feel like events should be more common, lore groups should be a thing, all with the aim of pushing the lore past the stagnation of what the lore is now. Groups like the VDV, UN, CDF all left lasting impacts on the server. However, I've noticed there is a certain level of aimlessness to the server, but nothing that can't be described as simple DayZish. But it certainly doesn't feel like things are well. Progressing. Advancment, not a wipe.
  11. Autumn

    Drivers Issues

    You can do alot of things, reinstalling the drivers manually, or an old version of the drivers that works. Making sure your system is up to date with the pure cancer that is a Windows 10 update. Or taking a sledgehammer to your laptop and instead buying a Desktop. No but in all fairness those things are the best guesses I can think of at the moment in regards to fixing the problems with your computer.
  12. Autumn

    how do i create my characters background?

    You really can do just about anything when it comes to having a character background. You want to be a soldier that was shipped here on UN mandate? Go for it, you wanna be an ultra nationalist Chernarussian, go for it. You wanna be a budding businessman/woman who got quarantined in with the infection after setting up a business deal or a merger between two international firms. By all means go for it. The main thing is, be creative. Have concrete reasons for your character to exist in the current game environment. Have motivation for them to act the way the do, do what they do, etc. But also keep in mind the character you write is not the one you have to play.
  13. Autumn

    Music uploads?

    Redundancy continues, I use ShareX, but do keep in mind it goes down on occasion and server stability for the program is a lot worse than what it used to be. I'd explore using both programs, might come out with finding you like one more than the other.
  14. Autumn

    The Horde (Open Recruitment)

    I'm intrigued on how this group will come to fruition and how applicable it would be in-game as being purely antagonistic. I think not having any allies and being mostly everyone's enemy might hurt the group in the long run if not enough members sign on to the cause. However, it begs the question of some of the health issues invovled with lack of sunlight. Vitamin D defency would be one of the primary factors plaguing most members and would lead to more frail bones, susceptibility to disease and other things. Do you plan on RPing these issues out or not? I'm curious, tis' all.
  15. Autumn

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    In the middle of the night. I scared the shit out of @DerrickStorm in Zelenogorsk. Needless to say he was glad he was wearing some brownish pants. Nonetheless, even though you were sick it was a joy to RP with you. But you can keep your germs kthx.
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