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  2. Red_

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    we wiped them with 3 people don't worry about it
  3. we back baby

  4. Someone on our radio stated to initiate who was not within ears distance of them, which is why us as a group decided to initiate. You aren't in our comms, do not be unsportsmanlike and point the finger without evidence, I'll ask once now." Especially since you can hear someone in C-J's video stating they saw us run around the back. "We are a dynamic group, so the people in the back can be seen not shooting, they were running forward to make it known that they were hostile and their intentions were to be stated, the people who fired had made it known that they were apart of the group that told you to put your hands up, the three people directly in front of you. We did have other groups members not in this direct vicinity that were double micing and talking to us while we spoke to you. Our guys who hadn't even initiated yet were being fired upon during the fire fight and we are not sitting here complaining about it. We moved on because Dynamic rights can be a bit of a bitch to track for defenders. So if you opened fire, it's fine. You claim "we're trigger happy and hungry for kills", yet you prove my point in this video. You being apart of this approved group, opened fire on us first. You are the first person to shoot. Both groups followed suit shortly after that. The only one who did not was C-J, who claims that he was going to comply. I actually semantically doubt it, but we will never actually know. You @EvanPVE took it into your hands that you were going hostile right off the bat, we reacted based off your gun fire. Your group followed in suit. The only person who didn't was C-J. All initiations are valid. They made themselves known to be hostile. Even by saying "hands" as a dynamic. The original two told you to put your hands up. I'm sure saying "Hands" was rushed by 1 individual to make sure they were known to be apart of us. We are not approved therefore they have to make themselves known somehow. 1.) You claim saying "Hands" is invalid. If so, then why did you shoot Optic first before anyone else shot? as well as shooting Brooke right after would that not make it an invalid kill? You decided to open fire and clearly understood what we were trying to do. We simply asked for hands to go up. 2.) In your video Evan you can see our people in the back running forward (NOT SHOOTING) so they can initiate and make it verbally known that they want you to put your hands up to comply. 3.) Most of this seems incredibly unsportsmanlike like, I can agree pulling the trigger on C-J is questionable. But now you're claiming we meta gamed. and you're claiming people who didn't initiate shot when you can see in your video the people in the back are running forward to initiate, NOT SHOOTING. at your group.
  5. POV My group and I walked up to NWAF looting and on the way to tents we see a huge group people which we quickly identify as the 503 after engaging in conversation with C-J, we talk for a while and gain some information about present day Chernarus and what is happening. As the conversation is coming to an end, my entire group decides to initiate verbally which we did. After this happened the guy to C-J's immediate left instantly started opening fire first mid-way through the initiation with the rest of their group doing the same almost in sync except C-J just standing there with his gun out. I saw and heard the gunfire coming from the opposing side and out of reflex instantly returned fire to help protect myself and my group. don't got any video evidence though, computer sucks
  6. please keep taking as many tires as possible good luck though
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  8. I like the idea of the easier use of code locks, maybe we could make the current ones able to be typed in instead of having to circle to each individual number, however I don't think there should be any type of digital code locks still working this far into the apocalypse, especially on wooden gates. It just doesn't make any sense on how a digital code lock would be able to unlock a wooden fence held together by some metal wire.
  9. POV Me and @brookiehiggh walk up to the GM compound and start talking to the OP on the tower for a while, eventually @tossVC and @Andrew Jackson come up and initiate with the rest of our group waiting too. Soon after this we get the front gate code from the guy in the watch tower and come inside where the rest of us initiate on everyone else left in the compound. We round them all up inside the admin building and there's one on the roof that gets down after a while after being threatened after he tried to shoot me and hit me once. Once they're all in the admin building I'm outside defending the front gate from the attackers shooting in and I see the OOC message from the OP stating he's freezing to death. I get someone to cover my position while I go into the admin building to give literally all the cooked food I had on me to try and help warm everyone up so nothing happens to them, after doing this I run back outside to take my position defending the front gate, one of the attackers runs into the open and shoots some bursts into the compound through the front gate and with my amazing set of skills I quickly kill the hostile in an effective manor and neutralising the closest threat to the compound. After this I realise I'm freezing myself so I borrow one piece of food off of another one of my associates as we hardly had any left after dispersing it amongst the hostages. After killing the rest of the hostiles outside of the base, we finish up our business in the green mountain compound and set the hostages lose, helping them out the front gate and letting them go freely and safely.
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