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  1. Lief grew up in a small town in New York, near Lake Ontario. His parent s were always working so he didnt really talk to them much.AT school he had a couple friends but he never really felt that he was a part of their group. He always felt like he was alone and wanted to get away from everything and start anew. He was a senior in high school when his parents sat him down and told them that they have to move because his father got a new job offer in Chernarus and they had to move there within the next month. So they packed up and moved to Chernarus and started life anew. Leif was scared and excited at the same time because he gets to start a new life like he always wanted but also scared because he was also settled into his old life. So then on he goes to school there and starts making some friends and he actually felt apart of something for probably the first time in his life.So eventually he got settled into his new life and started thinking about his future. His family life also started to get better, he felt like he had an actual relationship with his parents. Then everything started going downhill real fast. Our whole family got evacuated by soldiers to a base camp but the camp was terrible. We got little to no food and were starving, and every time we asked for more food they told us to go back to our tent or they would shoot us. So we decided to take everything we had and ran. We hid in a small little farmhouse until we started running low on supplies. That was when my mother and father decided to go looking for supplies and told me to stay in the house and stay hidden. Four days had past and every once and a while I would see these "monsters" that looked like humans but they wernt. As lief was getting to the last of his supplies and no sign of his parents he decided to go out and look for supplies himself. That was how lief started out in the post apocalyptic world trying to survive all by himself.
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