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"Sup, My Names Vince"

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  1. Ethan Vincent

    Extreme Lack of gun spawns

    I mean or, they can simply just bump up the spawns of weapons, it seems like all everyone does is rob people now for weapons. Shit gets real annoying, its a roleplay server, shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.
  2. Ethan Vincent, a dMy Name is Ethan Vincent. I'm from the USA and I moved down here to Russia during the mid 2000's. I'm in search of a better life, once the outbreak happened I had no idea what to do with myself I just lost some family a few weeks ago so as if it already wasn't bad enough, I decided I was gonna leave here the on the night of 9/24/01. Then the day finally came, it was time to leave so I got in my boat, it was quite a journey, thousands upon thousands of miles, a month went by but the I finally saw the sign for Chernarus, I'm just hoping I made the right decision. I also had a wife and two kids when I was younger, I was devastated when I lost them in a car accident. I don't think things will ever be the same, but I know I can do one thing, help other people in need. No matter what choices or situations I am faced with I know I will come out on top, a better person, after all I am a Christian so at the end of the day only god can judge me, and that's no excuse for my past wrong doings, I'm a born sinner, and definitely no preacher. Here to help anyone I need, and also to help my own self. This is the first glimmer of hope I've had in along time, so I hope on my journeys across the new land I call home, I hope I meet people I can feel comfortable talking to. haven't had a decent human interaction for as long as I can remember. ude with PTSD, but a good heart
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