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  1. Simply enough, I thought I loaded into my pvp server, I did not initiate anybody and a killed someone on sight, a few minutes later I realized that I was on DayzRP, I then killed myself in-game because I knew I messed up. It was a stupid mistake on my part and that's all there is to it.
  2. I posted my response in the discord in the help channel at 5:25 today, It was a stupid mistake.
  3. Link to the source of punishment Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair because what happened was not intentional, I never set a bear trap and I never armed a bear trap. As we all know DayZ Is still a broken game and needs a lot of work and I believe that I shouldn't be punished because of that. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was simply at VSM and had I bear trap in my inventory, I set it down because I didn't want it anymore, I never armed it and never had any intentions on harming or attempting an invalid kill on another player. After I dragged the Bear Trap out of my inventory I left VSM and went on about my business. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unbanned and not have this problem again In the future. What could you have done better?: Well honestly I don't think I did anything wrong, But what I can do better is never pick up a Bear Trap again so I wont have this problem again in the future,
  4. I never placed it myself, someone else must have opened it and the logs said I did it, I did have a bear trap but I dropped it from my inventory but never opened it myself. and I was at the VMC to find some loot.
  5. I mean or, they can simply just bump up the spawns of weapons, it seems like all everyone does is rob people now for weapons. Shit gets real annoying, its a roleplay server, shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.
  6. Michale is from the USA, He is a nice person, but also has bad trust issues because of other people. just be sure to stay on his nice side, He came here in search of a better life, he was going to college at the time of the outbreak and the USA went to shit. so he decide to come here to chenarus as soon as he could. his mom and dad came with him, but once they got here they got split up in quarantine. You could say hes on a bit of a journey to find them again. at the moment Michael has no place to live, so overnights he just staying in old run down buildings, along his journey here he hopes to make that change and also make a few close friends along the way.
  7. Ethan Vincent, a dMy Name is Ethan Vincent. I'm from the USA and I moved down here to Russia during the mid 2000's. I'm in search of a better life, once the outbreak happened I had no idea what to do with myself I just lost some family a few weeks ago so as if it already wasn't bad enough, I decided I was gonna leave here the on the night of 9/24/01. Then the day finally came, it was time to leave so I got in my boat, it was quite a journey, thousands upon thousands of miles, a month went by but the I finally saw the sign for Chernarus, I'm just hoping I made the right decision. I also had a wife and two kids when I was younger, I was devastated when I lost them in a car accident. I don't think things will ever be the same, but I know I can do one thing, help other people in need. No matter what choices or situations I am faced with I know I will come out on top, a better person, after all I am a Christian so at the end of the day only god can judge me, and that's no excuse for my past wrong doings, I'm a born sinner, and definitely no preacher. Here to help anyone I need, and also to help my own self. This is the first glimmer of hope I've had in along time, so I hope on my journeys across the new land I call home, I hope I meet people I can feel comfortable talking to. haven't had a decent human interaction for as long as I can remember. ude with PTSD, but a good heart
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