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  1. I am an older man who owned a hardware store in the Czech Republic I've been selling supplies for 20 years. I grew up in the Soviet Union and have known hunger and the needs of surviving in uncertain times. I survived by trading the scraps I found on the street for food and by the age of 10 I had a silver tongue. after some time my bartering gave a full belly every night but in 1985 I was conscripted into the army at 17 and fought in the Soviet-Afghan war. The war was brutal and I was nearly killed many times by both the enemy and the heat. the war gave me useful survival and combat skills as well as many sleepless nights and a very short temper. by 1999 I set up my first hardware store front and sold my goods until the outbreak. During the early days of the outbreak I was in my store as usual and I see people running past my store front. I step grab my CR-75 to defend myself just in case. as soon as I step out my door I look towards the fleeing people then a man to my left was taken down by what looked like a man but sounded like a beast. Then I retreated to the back of my store, ran through the back door and attempted to bet into my Van to flee the city but a man took my weapon. I didn't try to fight him because just as soon as he took the weapon he was tackled by another. Once I was in the van I Traveled to chernarus as there is more country side than city there in hopes to settle down and wait for the storm to blow over. I am a people person and I have hope that reason will not be thrown to the wayside since law and order is no longer established. In the meantime I will use my bartering skills to sell the scraps I find once more and survive.
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