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  1. Yeah, you can obviously see his hands up, i did not see it, i dont know how, but i take full responsibility.
  2. So what happened on my end we held them up by running up and yelling "put your fucking hands up now" and he walked towards the garage a little with 1 hand up "f1" and then he put his hand down and crouched and i said "stand up and put your fucking hands up you have 5 seconds" I proceeded to count down "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" and then his hands were not up so i shot him. Also i should add that i could not see his head as it was invisible, I have no video proof that shows that it was invisible, but i feel as if that would interfere with me not being able to see his hands, but on my defense i did not see his hands what so ever put up other than his one hand
  3. My character name will be Lee Capalot, He's in the army and was deployed to Chernarus for the zombie outbreak, he had a wife name Karen, and a son name Kyle. His platoon got over ran and he was the only one that made it out alive and couldn't make it back to base because it had been overrun, he had tried to reach the other nato bases but they had already been overran as well, so now he's in this cold cruel world stuck by himself until he finds more friends along his journey. Lee wishes too find the cure to the apocalypse, or to at least neutralize the disease that caused the outbreak making a vaccine. He can't do it alone and it wont be easy, he's going to have to find a lot of food and a few friends a long the way, he might find a few friends that betray him, and leave him, but there will be a few people who will stick to his side in this dark cold world. He will live the rest of his days on Chernarus looking for a vaccine or doctors that know how to cure the disease. All he wishes to do is to make it back to see if his family is still alive. All the time passing by without knowing the well being of his own spouse and child degrades him everday, day by day, but he uses it as a motivation to get back to them.
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