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  1. As a boy Maxim would listen to his father tell stories of Chernarus and how wild it could be. Maxim's father left a giant impact on who Maxim wanted to be. The only thing he wanted to be. His father. So after his father and his mother had died Maxim started to train. So that he could go to Chernarus and experience it himself. He trained by leaving himself in the wilderness and teaching himself to fish and make fire. After teaching himself survival skils he put his body through hell. Whether starving himself, experiencing sub zero temperatures, or overheating. He thought he was finally ready. Just as he was ready the outbreak happened. Only wanting him to go to Chernarus more. So he bought a 1 way trip to Chernarus. By boat which was a pretty penny.
  2. So I applied for whitelist about a week ago and It had gotten denied. Which I understood and so I fixed what the Staff had wanted me too, resubmitted, and waited again. But this time my whitelist got denied again but this time i cannot see what the staff want me to fix it just shows me my self description and the character description but no message relating to what i need to fix.
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