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  1. Sasha Plotnikov, Born 08/08/1989 In Leavenworth, Washington to an american mother and Chernarussian Father. Sasha had spent many years as a construction worker along side his father until his mother passed away due to heart complications when Sasha was 26. A week after his mothers funeral Sasha took a plane with his father to Chernarus to stay with his remaining family in Chernogorsk, he once again started work in construction only this time his father stayed at home. Sasha understood that his father was not handling his Mothers death very well, so Sasha would work extra long hours so that his father would not need to worry about work. At times it was difficult for Sasha working in Chernarus, because even though his father was Chernarussian he had never taught Sasha how to speak the language. Less than a year after moving to Chernarus Sasha's father had given up on living and died of heartbreak. Sasha moved into an apartment in Chernogorsk two months after his fathers passing, where he continued working in construction and also started getting more involved with his community. He had started helping people build fences, shelves, dog houses and anything else people asked. He Enjoyed it so much that he would ask for no more than their company while he built. Although Sasha didn't understand much of what his neighbors said there were a few that spoke decent English. A few months later there were military setting up checkpoints around the city, Sasha wasn't sure why this was happening and when he asked his English speaking neighbors none of them knew how to convey it in English. He just brushed it off because a month before that his neighbors had felt uneasy and he assumed this had something to do with the event that had them all worked up. Having no radio or television Sasha was unaware of how bad things would get in the coming months. It had been two more months and Sasha was going about his business like he always did when people started to get uneasy again, He was concerned but had no idea how to help calm their minds. Just a few days after the unrest more troops started arriving in Chernogorsk and the people started to riot, not knowing why all of this was happening Sasha locked himself in his apartment to try to wait it out. He heard yelling, screaming, and even at one point felt his apartment shake along with the loud Crashing of what sounded like a plane near by. Sasha was terrified and did everything he could to be as quiet as possible in hopes that no one would find him. It had been multiple days now and most of the sounds had stopped, there was the sounds of fires burning in the distance and the faint moans of what he could only assume at the time were people that needed help. As he unlocked the door and went to go look for his neighbors to make sure they were alright he stepped into a world he could have only imagined in his worst nightmare.
  2. BACKSTORY Rae’s life started with tragedy, when he was four years old his mother abandoned him at the hospital. He was soon adopted by a young couple. His adoptive father was a military man; they moved around a lot and his mother stayed at home with him. When Rae was nine years old his father got discharged from the military. He had seen gruesome sights and they got to him. He was diagnosed with PTSD and soon things started to get bad. His father got angry incredibly quickly and instead of seeking therapy he turned to alcohol. His alcohol addiction was only growing and Rae nor his mother saw it stopping anytime soon. By the time Rae was eleven years old his father would be blacking out every night. He started abusing his wife and screaming at Rae. His mother would try standing in between the two and his father would end up hitting her and screaming at her. Rae never knew what he could do to help his mom, his hatred started growing for his father and he would always beg her to leave him but she always assured Rae that ‘soon it will stop and everything will get better’ unfortunately it didn’t. One night his father came home from the bar drunk, rage in his eyes and his sights were set on Rae; he had left his toys out and his father was furious. Instantly he came barreling down the hallway straight to Rae’s room, bursting open the doors he grabbed Rae by the shirt and threw him against the wall. Spit coming out of his mouth as he is screaming at Rae, his mother comes in and pushes him back. Rae fell to the floor and ran into the kitchen; his mother following right behind. She had finally had enough and had gotten the courage to leave him. His father got furious and starts beating on his mom, her face becoming a bloody mess Rae knew he needed to do something. He ran straight for his monster of a father and tried shoving him off his mom. He threw out one arm and pushed Rae back, his head slamming into the cabinets. In a fit of rage Rae grabbed a knife and once again charged at his father. Rae drove the knife straight through his father's back; before he could stop himself he pulled the knife out and then drove it right back in. Over and over he stabbed his father trying to get him to let go of his mother. As tears were streaming down his face his father’s body dropped to the floor with a loud thud. His mother’s piercing screams echoing through the house. She started yelling at him; “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS? HOW COULD YOU KILL HIM? GET OUT! LEAVE!” Rae quickly dropped the knife and stormed out of the house; knowing he would never see his mother again. Rae lived on the streets from the age of eleven until he was eighteen; he met some ‘interesting’ people who were able to help him secure a new identity for himself. He was free to do whatever he wanted to do without fear of things coming back to haunt him, or so he thought. When Rae was eighteen he quickly grew tired of just surviving off food scraps. While at a shop he saw an ad for the army and quickly realized that he wanted to be apart of something and have the added bonus of a hot shower, clean clothes and actual food. Once Rae joined he quickly learned that not only was he an incredible shot he also had great awareness, which made him an amazing sniper. He joined the special forces and started going on missions in the Middle East. He had many kills under his belt; BUT his past was about to catch up with him. His commanding officer was looking into his file before recommending him for a special mission. The officer noticed that things didn’t line up and soon realized that he wasn’t who he said he was. Rae caught wind of what was happening and quickly fled to Russia; he had no money to his name and realizing he was going to be back on the streets again he decided to stop by a bar and spend his last ten dollars on a drink. He orders the drink and sits back and watches soccer on a crappy fat back television. The bartender brings him his drink, Rae picks up the glass and realizes there’s something written on the napkin. “Hello again Rae, I need you to do a job for me. If you don’t, I’ll be contacting the police and turning you in. So easy choice yes? Target: Male, Mid 40’s, Dark Brown Hair Location: House on outskirts of Gorka in Chernarus Don’t disappoint me.” OUTBREAK It’s been three years since Rae took his first contract kill, he now has regular contact with his boss and a steady flow of jobs. Since he first came to Russia he’s completed over twenty contracts. Once again, Rae is heading to the pickup spot; about to find out which area of Russia he’s going to be heading to next. Rae walks up the the bench in the middle of Cherno Park and reaches under the seat and grabs an envelope. He tears the seal and pulls out a picture and a letter. “$30,000 Bounty, easy job, follows all your guidelines. I’m sure you’ll take care of it fairly easily, yes? Picture Attached: Male, Late 60’s, White Hair Location: Barn Outside Dubky in Chernarus” Rae lets out a deep breath, he’s been worried that eventually his boss is going to try and sign him on a contract that goes against all Rae has worked for and has stood behind since he started this job. If Rae was assigned a contract that broke his creed, it wouldn’t turn out pretty for the one hiring the hit. He refuses to complete a contract if it involves women or children; Rae has been known to turn on his contractors if they try and sign him. Rae stands up and starts his walk back home, getting ready to head out for the contract. Rae sits at home, head back, breathing and collecting himself before heading out. He knows that he must be extremely patient, after collecting himself Rae stands up, grabs his keys and heads out the door. - He drives to Dubky and parks his car in an abandoned warehouse before setting out on foot. He unloads his rifle from the trunk of the car and checks to make sure everything is working. He starts walking to a hill that he had already scouted out. The hill is directly north of Novoselki with a direct sight to the barn that his contract has been seen frequently leaving and entering. Rae lays down and pulls out his sniper, aiming directly to the barn. His target is inside sitting at a chair talking to someone, Rae pulls out his rangefinder and starts fidgeting with his weapon; knowing he only gets one shot. Off in the distance he hears alarms, Rae glances in the direction and rolls his eyes, what could possibly be going on in such a small town. When he looks back his target is standing up and walking away, out of his sights to the other side of the building; but Rae is patient and sits there waiting for the perfect shot. -- Rae has been sitting in the same position for over forty-five minutes not moving once, not wanting to be seen. Out of nowhere he hears a loud gunshot off to his right. It sounded like it was coming from Novoselki… Rae turns to face Novo, hoping to spot whoever is drawing attention to the area. Off in the distance he sees a young girl running out of Novo directly to him; as she gets closer he can hear her screams. There’s a man chasing after her, he rotates his sniper to be facing the direction they’re coming from and zooms in. Rae rubs his eyes and blinks a few times to make sure he’s not seeing things; because surely that man chasing after her only has... half a face? He gets a closer look and realizes that his eyes are glowing a bright yellow, clearly he’s sick, there’s something wrong with him. The girl starts slowing down and the man is gaining on her, Rae isn’t going to let the woman die so he fires a single shot, completely giving away his position and screwing over his contract. The man's body drops and the woman turns to him immediately, and Rae knows she saw him. He stands up, throws the gun over his shoulder and starts jogging to the woman, arms waving to show her that he isn’t a danger to anyone. He saw her pull the knife from her jeans, she’s not very sneaky. Rae knows she’s just scared and that if it came down to it he’d be able to disarm her; after all she looked extremely small. “Miss? Do you speak English?” he asked. She nodded her head yes, Rae could see her shaking, tears running down her face and her gripping the knife with all the strength she had left. “Do you want to come with me?” Rae asked her. He never invited anyone to be around him, he has always been a loner. He liked to get things done and then relax without having to put in the effort of holding conversation; but clearly she needed someone and after being chased by that crazed man she was clearly shaken and would be unable to defend herself. Rae and the woman sat there for a few seconds without saying anything, he glanced over at her and said, “My name is Rae, what’s yours?” The girl looked around them, then back at Rae. “My name is Alyssa Wynters, where are we headed?” she said. She gave Rae a smile and he held out his arm and pointed in a direction. “Follow me.” She put the knife back in her pocket then she and Rae started jogging to Balota.
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