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  1. Chevybon

    Welcome to Deer Isle

    @AndreyQ thanks ^^
  2. Chevybon

    Welcome to Deer Isle

    Hi i want to go on Deer isle but it says clothing.pbo add on not found , and also my Run DayzRP launcher option from steam right click menu is gone, havn't played in a while can someone maybe tell me i miss someting? i got all addons subbed on steam updated plz help
  3. hi @Mademoiselle sorry , only know his first name : Victor (viktor) - with a cowboyhat and cowboy voice with maybe bit russian accent ... but doesn't matter ... i made the choice to kill, not the guy i was with.
  4. " I had logged in only a couple minutes before and had not yet started recording " - my bad then ... but because of this reason u gave .
  5. here is our side of the story : i was with someone i met in the fields while trying to pinpoint gunshots and make sure i was some distance away. I was on my way SW to the dam and hunting/summer camp to go look for a scope. We came by this camp and recognised it for what grp lives there because of the hexagon that was in front of it. (i got that info at the shop from talking to people) So we watched for a bit and saw noone in there, so we decided to go in. So our whole mindset was that we were gonna be criminals towards criminals, so while raiding that camp we got more and more anxious and nervous and such, and then this guy pops up ... behind me in a tent. I freaked out and turned and told him not to move and raised my weapon at him (yh i maybe didn't say to put his hands up - but i'm not a cop - i don't have that indoctrination in my brain) and called my friend over. We asked him questions but he started awnsering questions with questions and acted all though ... while i had a weapon on his head ... then he laughed and started grinning ... (i read his post , he had no idea what we knew or info we had ... all we needed was him to confirm he lived there, and he did just that - and tbh only reason he's mad is because he wanted to set up stream and stuff but got caught in a messed up robbery but if he had done maybe an - //ooc - ... but he acted like a big man and started denegrading talks with us and then laughed (while i was pointing a weapon at his head)... he can't know what info we got , and so after he confirmed for us while questioning him he lived there i told my friend - yh he's lieing, survivor my ass... we are all surviving, this is a bad guy. So in the best interest of me and my friend i decided not to leave any loose ends so they can hunt us down and kill us through the woods - yh, i killed him ... (But , he shouldn't have used his anger from not being able to setup stream because people are in his camp raiding as an excuse to RP act weirdly angered and be though guy joe and start stuff on me and my friend while we were holding the weapons ) Apocalypse ... lots of peops act way to easy and friendly and dream of rainbows and ponys too much , and this guy's only problem/gripe is : he was setting up stream and got angry because we started an RP on him and his stream wasn't ready and he acted stupid because of that and we killed him . He didn't know what we knew ... so his remarks are invalid. All we needed to know was if he lived there ... and look at his bann message to u, he also talks about being in a bad guy grp... but suppossedly we couldn't know that ... so thats why we wanted him to confirm if he lived there and through crazy questions he actually did say so himself and belonging to the grp that also lives there ... but again, he has no idea of what info me and my friend had so his post against me is already invalid right? All we needed was him to confirm he lived there and he did, if he said he didn't we probably would've taken him for a looter also and just left him to his buisness ... but this is a streamer gripe ... and not an RP one . Loose ends ...
  6. ah no , sorry ... just know first name : Victor (Viktor), wears a cowboy hat and talks weird .
  7. The Character i want to RP is gonna be a Scout sniper from the country of Holland (The Netherlands) His name is going to be Jhonny Piers (sjonnie in dutch), have brown eyes/black hair and is 33 years of age. Date of Birth : 31-07-1985. He lost his parents at the age of 5, in a traffic accident on his parents date night - where he luckily was no part of , since his grandparents were babysitting. His grandfather , who owned a piece of land and had a house there and had some pigs and chickens and a few goats and two cows, took him in and raised him. His grandfather taught him a bit of what he knew about hunting/tracking/trapping and spent some time with him under the stars teaching him to use a compass and navigate. He liked this stuff so much , that from an early age (like 13) , he wanted to join the Marine corp. Jhonny engaged in Martial arts and got certain skills up to an certain level before enlisting on his birthday at the age of 19. He gave his grandfather a hug and his grandmother a kiss before leaving and start his tour. He did tours in Somalia, Afghanistan, and well more info on activities is kinda classified. He got stationed in Chernarus as an NATO attachment marksman , but was realy there to help train police forces on a CID detail from Holland. After the bombings on the 20th and his base got overrun and saw friends and fellow soldiers getting killed, so brutal an senseless, he just ran and has been scavaging and roaming surviving ever since just trying to stay alive and hoping there are still people working on a cure or something. All life has become precious now
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