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  2. Yeah looking over it "his large unit" looks like a euphemism
  3. Wanna say Hello and introduce my character abit, hoping to get some feedback: Name: Captain James Maxwell Bio: Born 5th June 1980 in Oxford as James Maxwell into a military family as his father and his granddad had been in the military so it was a natural choice for him to join the British army at the age of 16 and passed out of basic training and joined the Parachute regiment, a year after training his unit was sent to Kosovo conflict and was posted to Pristina in the former Yugoslavia and maintained peace until the unit pulled out in 1999. Hungry to do more he requested a transfer to the UN peace keeping and was promoted to Sergeant and given the command of a unit, over the years of peace keeping James advanced through the ranks and became a Captain and commanded a large troop. After he received orders to transfer to Iraq his large unit was being transferred by air to Iraq when the plane was hit by an unknown persons RPG and was sent crashing to the sea where he managed to escape the aircraft as it sank beneath the waves of the coast of Chernarus and was washed ashore where James was confronted with the plague after spending two weeks attempting to survive he realise that his only way of surviving were to work with the people of Chernarus and try to create a safe haven for survivors, but with his mental state deteriorating how long his sanity will last is unknown