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  1. Alexi loves his country. He would do anything for it. He would fight for it. He would die for it. As a small child, he had always been proud to be a Chernorussian. Chernarus was and still is his ultimate love, but when people who wants to destroy it comes in his way, Chernorussian or not, he will lye his wrath upon them. Why does he think this way? Well, you see, his family was never there for him and left him at a young age. Living in an orphanage in Novigrad dint really help him either. Kids would pick on him and the foster parents were very strict. He would sneak out at night and go do things any other normal kid would do, until he joined a certain “club.” This club would be a small group of Socialist of Novigrad. Their ideas really came to him at heart when he found out that the idea was to “give back to the people,” and “end corruption” and all the sorts. That is when he became a full-blown Socialist. At 18, he ended up joining a small Socialist Militant/Insurgent group within western Chernarus. Their goal was to take back Chernarus and implement a full-on Socialist republic. He would stay with this group until the socialists would take over. Then, he would become a fighter for the RAC. He is still one today, and after the outbreak happened, he became more ruthless and stricter with his ideologies. This is Alexi Ryker, and if you try fighting back, he’s gonna shoot you down.
  2. Thank you @Phoenyxx for the concrete feedback. I do agree that the graphics do need some work as it was something I mentioned.
  3. This page is sick, hopefully I get to rp with you all in the future. Im sure it'll be interesting
  5. My initiation was a simple “Put your hands up”. As I said by the time I said this @Rjparker was already shooting at @OpticVC and @Red_. I would very much appreciate that all questions on my initiation be asked at once so that I may no longer have to keep peppering this report with Q and As.
  6. According to @C-J's video evidence, I can be seen running towards @Rjparker and his position as soon as my friends initiate, even slowing down for a second to adjust my mic boost level. So @EvanPVE's claims of me running and initiating to @Rjparker within the span of 4 seconds is invalid. Even if @Rjparker did not hear my initiation, as I said by the time I reached him, he was already lying down and spraying towards @Red_ and @OpticVC. I did initiate on @Rjparker. I did kill him for not complying to not just my initiation, but also to the one demanded from @Red_ and @OpticVC. Without video evidence I feel that there is no need for me to continue to explain in this report. As seen in: 01:59:09 | Player "Tyler Lorenze" (pos=<4739.9, 10261.6, 339.0>) hit by Player "Bobby Light" (pos=<4700.1, 10259.9, 339.0>) with AKS-74U from 39.7855 meters 01:59:09 | Player "Tyler Lorenze" (pos=<4739.9, 10261.6, 339.0>) hit by Player "Bobby Light" (pos=<4700.1, 10259.9, 339.0>) with AKS-74U from 39.7855 meters 01:59:09 | Player "Tyler Lorenze" (pos=<4739.9, 10261.6, 339.0>) hit by Player "Bobby Light" (pos=<4700.1, 10259.9, 339.0>) with AKS-74U from 39.7855 meters 01:59:09 | Player "Tyler Lorenze" (pos=<4739.9, 10261.6, 339.0>) hit by Player "Bobby Light" (pos=<4700.1, 10259.9, 339.0>) with AKS-74U from 39.7855 meters 01:59:12 | Player "Owen Redfield" (pos=<4734.0, 10255.6, 339.4>) hit by Player "Bobby Light" (pos=<4700.1, 10259.9, 339.0>) with AKS-74U from 34.1144 meters
  7. Kyle Wilson POV: We were at the airfield as described before and were confronted with an interaction with @C-J and the rest of his group. While a few of our guys were talking to @C-J as seen in his video. I was off to the far right in the video with an sks in hand to hold a perimeter and in case things went ugly, I would deal with a contact also to the far right. I heard the shots go off behind the hangar and @AidanVC and @JoahVC talking over the radio. Then as we initiated I ran towards the contact I was meant to deal with, already laying down behind cover, and as I was doing so boosted my in game microphone to yell so that I could be heard clearly. According to the logs I successfully killed @Rjparker. By the time I had reached him I already gave out my initiation and he had already fired upon my comrades standing in the front. After that @Red_ had accidentally shot at me thinking I was an enemy that had heard the initiation.
  8. Love these guys. Can’t wait to see what we do in the future!
  9. I agree with the fact that 2.3 is thrown around as a threat and means of punishing IC groups OOCly, by having them simply removed from the world of DayZRP. I do not specifically like the fact that suddenly, groups are deleted out of the world that we roleplay in. The one part that I can get behind of 2.3, is the constant attacking and harassment of groups. However, I believe that a compromise can be better developed than just simply saying "Yeah these guys attack us everyday, Im gonna file a 2.3 report on them to get them banned". If a group is constantly attacking another, then an IC compromise has to be made between the two groups without the most hostile group being archived.
  10. Good to see another trading group emerge!! GL BOYS!!
  11. Murshy


    Speeded quicker than a looney tunes character
  12. To @Dew's claims of knowing where @Dusty died, I had shadow-play saved the invalid initiation though now that you are bringing up the fact that you looked into the barrack, then questioned I guess we can post it. The audio didn't record for whatever reason, I am willing to send the raw file to staff to prove so. Here are some screenshots to help set the picture of the situation. The Inside of the Barrack (To know the position of the barrack reference is the firestation through the windows): https://gyazo.com/63b5395b3ab1277a94c0f325c84157fb The outside of the Barrack (Where we interacted with @Dew ) : https://gyazo.com/c46474f7a5487b0b1d65dc119ef97750 The body of @Dusty (With no gear removed or placed anywhere): https://gyazo.com/41edd215f5d8867363f6b066a188b685
  13. With the logs provided as solid evidence, the time between when we killed @Dusty (00:02:49 | Player "Alexei Dustyvich" (DEAD) killed by Player "Andrew Jackman" with FN-FAL from 1.87427 meters) and the time that @Dew logs in (00:07:45 | Player "Havel Martinek" is connected) are a few minutes apart. This can imply that @Dusty did hot mic what he said and once dead relayed it to a not yet logged in @Dew a solid 5 minutes afterwards. @Dewit was me to whom you walked up to and conversed with at first. You cannot also claim that you saw gear laying on the floor as we were not in, or next to the barrack in which @Dusty was killed in as the door was also closed.
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