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  1. Good to see another trading group emerge!! GL BOYS!!
  2. Speeded quicker than a looney tunes character
  3. To @Dew's claims of knowing where @Dusty died, I had shadow-play saved the invalid initiation though now that you are bringing up the fact that you looked into the barrack, then questioned I guess we can post it. The audio didn't record for whatever reason, I am willing to send the raw file to staff to prove so. Here are some screenshots to help set the picture of the situation. The Inside of the Barrack (To know the position of the barrack reference is the firestation through the windows): https://gyazo.com/63b5395b3ab1277a94c0f325c84157fb The outside of the Barrack (Where we interacted with @Dew ) : https://gyazo.com/c46474f7a5487b0b1d65dc119ef97750 The body of @Dusty (With no gear removed or placed anywhere): https://gyazo.com/41edd215f5d8867363f6b066a188b685
  4. With the logs provided as solid evidence, the time between when we killed @Dusty (00:02:49 | Player "Alexei Dustyvich" (DEAD) killed by Player "Andrew Jackman" with FN-FAL from 1.87427 meters) and the time that @Dew logs in (00:07:45 | Player "Havel Martinek" is connected) are a few minutes apart. This can imply that @Dusty did hot mic what he said and once dead relayed it to a not yet logged in @Dew a solid 5 minutes afterwards. @Dewit was me to whom you walked up to and conversed with at first. You cannot also claim that you saw gear laying on the floor as we were not in, or next to the barrack in which @Dusty was killed in as the door was also closed.
  5. Server and location: S1 Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-08-12 Your in game name: Kyle Wilson Names of allies involved: @tosstheball @Andrew Jackson Name of suspect/s: @Dew Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Me and the boys were in Zelenogorsk about to leave to meet up with two of our other friends when @Andrew Jackson found an unknown person in the barracks. Following him into the barrack, I heard the man start to talk. @tosstheball then came up behind him outside the barrack and aimed at him through the window and demanding that he drop the weapon and put his hands up. The man rushed at @Andrew Jackson and I, so @tosstheball and him perfectly cross fired and gunned the man down for not following our demands. A few minutes later just before we were gonna head out, I heard a man in an OREL uniform talk outside the barracks. The man questioned what the shots were and we explained that someone had killed a man in the barracks (We lied IC in order to avoid conflict), and infected gathered outside. After saying this, the man opened fire without demanding anything from us. Lukcily for us, the man got "ghost bullets", and gave us a chance to fight back as he retreated, but were all killed in the skirmish. We suspect that there was some sort of meta gaming involved as there would be no IC reason for this member of OREL to suddenly open fire unless he was told OOCly about what we looked like and not asking who we were.
  6. Murshy

    Mafia // MEDIA THREAD

    Yea yo welcome mate, we out here asthetic asf
  7. Kyle Wilson POV: We hear of some drug dealers heading to Lopatino. We first sent in Kenneth to go and talk to them, then two more of us enter to interact into the conversation. All the while, myself and everyone else on our radio took positions around the town (some of us were seen by the people in teal armbands. I took position behind a green and orange house up the hill from where the conversation was being held. I then heard @tosstheball drop the initiation and demands for the people in teal to put their hands up. Shortly after however, I saw the people we were trying to hold up, coming up the hill to the house I was positioned behind, running around with weapons out and not complying. This is when I peeked around my house and took shots at the people pushing directly up the hill towards me. Shortly after downing two of the ones closest to me, I rush in with my armband slammed on in case the fight turned CQC. After that, the server crashed and restarted.
  8. Grew up with a very different childhood than his brother Connor. At the age of twelve his parents forced him to join this underground militia group. There he was trained brutally, building up his strength, speed, and combat sense. To keep his fitness covered, he was a star athlete in High School, and was a star track runner. Later, when he heard that his brother was going to Chernarus for a hiking trip, Kyle soon followed. When the end of the world hit the country, and the rest of the world right in the face, he contacted his older brother and they survived together for a time with Connor, his wife, and two adopted kids. When Connor lost his family with a plane crashing into their hideout, Connor pushed Kyle away, leaving him alone in a practically unknown country. Kyle was left behind, but is confident in his social skills to be able to fit in with some groups until he finds Connor again. Although he does not know the terrain of the country. If only Kyle had Connor, who knew the terrain better than he, he may have a chance at survival. All he has to do is find him...
  9. Connor was a simple man. He was a survivalist, he enjoyed taking the hiking trails up through the mountains and visiting the old castles and looking for adventure at every turn. He had been living in Chernarus as a tourist with his family for a 3 month summer trip. When the outbreak hit however, He did whatever he could i to keep his family and friends alive, but sadly they all perished when a plane flew into their home in Chernogorsk. Connor was all but alone in an unforgiving world. He has trouble finding his way to trust people as bad luck tends to follow him and whomever he travels with. No matter who it is, their luck tends to run out sooner or later. He began to call himself "The Crow" as a metaphor to describe himself and his source for bad luck for others. Connor would spend his days in the Apocalypse looking for his old family if they were still alive while also interacting with other groups now and then but never staying for too long. He was expendable to the other groups. But Connor did not care, he was looking for an adventure, an Oddyssey to one day give some form of hope of heroes still alive in the end of the world.
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