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  1. 19 Year Old Shawn "Cowboy" Thorpe. Lived on a farm Pre-Z with his father, mother and sister in Canada. Although going to a small high school, he excelled in both Language Arts and Social Studies. Political climates were something he knew well, and as he saw the hostilities between Russia and Chernarus rise, he took a plane to Chernarus to document it himself, hoping he could help spread awareness of the conflict so that it may be resolved more quickly. He was staying in the Chernarus International Hotel when the relief plane struck, and he witnessed firsthand the death and destruction it caused. First, looting. Then? The outbreak. As soon as he saw his first zombie, he knew. He had seen zombie movies. He used his camera to smash its brains in, destroying it in the process. He wouldn't need it anymore. Shawn is a little bit more quiet, knows his way around a rifle but is nowhere near police or military worthy, can be a smart-ass sometimes, and enjoys sticking to himself or a small group. He wants to keep his humanity whilst also staying alive, and riding that line can be dangerous at times. He will do what he has to to survive, but to him, it's also about more than just surviving. It's about living too.
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