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  1. Name: Bishley Adams Origin: Great Britain, Yorkshire Occupation: Local Mechanic Notes of interest: Ex armed forces did minimum 3 years service in Syria left due the mental constraints and injustice Before the outbreak Bishley was a simple mechanic who hated his job and boring lifestyle after retiring from the armed forces nothing felt exhilarating anymore. He didn't have many aspirations through his life but always took athleticism seriously and loved a bit of competition no matter the sport although, Bishley has never been 1st he always enjoyed the thrill of competing and has placed 2nd & 3rd in numerous archery and rifle competitions. After getting together with some friends Bishley and his friends decided to go backpacking across Europe to experience the cultures of other countries in there day to day lifestyles. Towards the end of his journey Bishley and his friends heard of rumors of Chernarus and how the country had exotic landscapes hidden withing a country that seems stuck in time with old fashioned industries and vehicles in every state. The group wanted to experience what life meant to the people of Chernarus, after coming from such a built up urban jungle back home that's lost its touch with nature and the beautiful sights of open fields and head out in there hire camper vans. 3 days into there journey across Chernarus and after experiencing a unwelcoming atmosphere from the locals, Bishley and the gang finally found the rumored open landscapes and greenery as far as the eye could see ahead of them with waving hills and steep mountain tops, the cold but refreshing air breeze is met with the sounds of military helicopter raining bullets to the ground over the horizon. Everyone including Bishley shellshocked Rushes back to the 3 camper vans they were travelling in to get out of there as fast as possible. As they are driving down the back roads at dangerous speeds his friend Roy driver of one of the other vehicles looses control on the muddy path crashing into a ditch, Bishley immediately brakes and looses control of the car causing it to spin out of control and hits a tree. suffering a head wound and loosing consciousness quickly Bishley sees Chesney abandon them in the 3rd vehicle and hears the Chernarus helicopter approaching followed by a massive crash. Bishley gains consciousness awakening in a vast empty field hidden in a shallow hole with bags piled over him barely able to breath, Bishley breaks out confused with no one in sight a foggy memory and sore head, with just a note slotted in his jacket pocket reading "please survive, if you ever wake to read this please forgive me i was forced to abandon you the Chernarus soldiers said you were slowing us down they were coming and fast, they don't tire if by some miracle you do survive you will understand people are't themselves be wary this is something we've never seen before. Chesney, Judith and the others left us for dead , but thanks to the Charnarus military Micheal, Shannon, Luke Kieron & I managed to escape.. Roy" Bishley Adams goal is now to survive as the note requested unknowing whats actually happened he seeks answers and more importantly he seeks his friends and so his journey on of survival begins.
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