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  1. My character is a 25 yr old male who were born and used live and work in Novigrad. His name is Calle. He works as a mechanic and help everyone in the town to repair their vehicles. He lives in one of the big apartment complexes alone. His Family moved to the Us Right before the Outbeak happend, But Calle didnt want to leave his home, so he stayed. But as the outbreak happend he had to take help from his friends to find other survivors and build up the "New World". But right before the Accident happend he made sure to stock up with food and supplies so he wouldnt be screwed. The survivor base is located in Novigrad and it is a place where survivors can come and be safe from all the chaos. We have towers all around the base to make sure no zombies get into the facility. As of now the comunity has around 50 ppl working and living with us, Everyone help eachother hunting, farming, Building and ofcourse guarding the camp. We Have saved several hundreds of people from a certain death. As i mechanic my character specialices on repairing vehicles in the camp.
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