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  1. Background Jack was always fond of computers. Every since his dad brought home their first family computers. From there it was a straight path to programming. Maybe not as easily as he might have expected, but he did. Through High School to University he pushed to perfect his craft. Though his personally life was not quite as straight forward as code. Social interactions were never his forte. He never had a girlfriend, never even dated. Little to no friends. He was an outcast and after he graduated, that's when it all hit him. Alone. He pushed his way to the top. Became a notable programmer even for his age. By all accounts he should have been at least a little popular within the programming community. But no. A new start maybe. Maybe that'll do it. He hard about becoming a teacher in less fortunate countries, maybe the best place to start. Maybe there he will stand out a little more. Maybe get noticed.. Who knows.. Livonia seems like the perfect place to start over.
  2. POV: I had just lowered my guard to begin surveying the area before the initiation happened. I had not seen what had happened until i turned around to see @coolman23on the ground and @G_Date gunning down the man.
  3. My POV: I had heard over the radio that a friend of ours was ran over by a black BMW. Not long after the black BMW was confirmed to be in Vybor with us. James @coolman23 went to approach the men to talk about what had happened. To my knowledge there was no intention of hostile RP. I was behind James @coolman23 when the people saw us and immediately hoped in their car to drive off. Almost running over their own members in the process. I did hear James yelling "HELLO" after the men.
  4. Fionn McDarra Age : 29 Place of Birth : Galway, Ireland Before the Outbreak Fionn was born in Galway, Ireland but wouldn't be raised there. Born to an Irish father and American mother Fionn was born both as an Irish and American Citizen and at a young age left Ireland. He would then spent the majority of his life moving around the east and south coasts of America. Never really settling in one place. But by the time Fionn was 19 they had finally settled in Corpus Christi and that's when Fionn first met Megan. Skip forward 6 years and life is pretty much perfect for Fionn. He has a stable job as a salesmen. He is married to the woman he loves and together they have a beautiful daughter. Caitlyn. He had a house, a car. A life. Things were good. But life will test you. Fionn was driving home when he got the call. A drunk driver had knocked Megan's car off the road, sending it rolling into a lake. Killing both Megan and Caitlyn. They say the death of those you love changes you. It's true. Fionn lost everything and was left with something else. A bitter, heavy taste everywhere he went. He couldn't live with it. He couldn't stay in it. Some might see what Fionn did as weakness, as him running away from his problems. But others might see it as Fionn trying to move on. After all, all he knew was a constant state of moving. Megan and Caitlyn were the only things keeping him in one place. Fionn heard about the economic boast happening in Chernarus from the news many years ago and did for awhile consider moving he and his family across the world in hopes of starting something new. But quickly forgot about it. Now it looked like the perfect time to reconsider. Fionn arrived in Chernarus on the 26th of December 2016. 8 months before The Outbreak. Likes Whiskey Country Music Freedom People Dislikes Violence Needless Death Injuries None (So Far)
  5. Archer Samson loves chillies. Always had, so when his Pa passed away and Archer inherited the farm he spend the rest of his fortune converting it into his own chilli farm. Then Rushy Spring Farm was born.
  6. "I was just a simple sailor before the outbreak. Working the docks of my small fishing village. I'd consider myself a family man, my beautiful wife Sarah and my son Sean, he had the biggest eyes you know? He'd be no older than 6 now by the way. Nothing is more important to me than family, Ok? That's why when we heard word of this crazy virus me and my crew stopped at nothing to get out. We knew it was only a matter of time before the virus reached us. Belfast had already been hit. THE port of Northern Ireland, we knew it wouldn't take long for people coming back from... whereever the hell the were coming back from to spread the virus throughout Ireland. We heard London fell and that was it. We have to leave. Cushendun is less than a few hours north of Belfast we didn't have long. So on the 17th July 2017 me and my crew left home and set sail south, we had hoped to find somewhere still standing in France or Spain. We were wrong, everywhere was either fallen or falling. Death or infected. Nowhere seemed safe... only Tapa. Our loyal fishing boat who has brought us so far. But she can't carry us much longer, supplies are running low. We didn't plan on sailing for so long.. then one of our crew lost it. After everything that happened you can't blame him. Sam McGarry, or Smiler we used to call him. Ironic. He couldn't get it together kept raving on and on about how this is the "end of times" and how "God is angry".. Hard to say he is wrong. We.. We had to you know? He was... he was going to get us all killed! I had a wife and son to look out for! We soon reached the Strait of Gibraltar. We planned on docking somewhere in Algeciras but they wouldn't let us dock. I thought we were going to die, that this was it. All that time on sea just to die here...? Maybe we should have stayed in Ireland. But I guess we weren't the only ones looking to dock. A large cargo ship passing by was also refused access to dock, we were able to contact the captain through our radio requesting permission to come aboard. We explained our situation but he didn't care about that. He needed sailors. Turns out he lost a lot of his crew and needed men to help deliver his cargo. I remember thinking "What sort of mad fecker cares this much about his job, when it's the end of the world!?" but either way we needed on that boat. "We are all sailors here, Captain! There are 8 of us- no sorry.. 7 of us on board!" "That'll do!" He never did tell us what his cargo was or where we were going but honestly, I didn't care. My family and crew were safe. They had food and shelter, I needed nothing more than that. We had been at sea for days. It was nice to finally feel safe.. even as brief as it might have been. Now if I had known where that ship was going.. I could tell you I would've rather stayed on Tapa. A storm came out of nowhere one night. It was relentless.. almost Godly. Captain was screaming at us to find land. He wanted to dock I think. I guess I'll never really know. Before I knew it one of the container hold snapped and I was thrown overboard. Death is a funny thing ... How do I know I'm not dead and this land isn't hell? How do I know I didn't die back on that ship or back on Tapa? I don't. I might never know. But I will never stop searching. So I'll ask again. Where is my family?"
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