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  1. I agree with this post
  2. It really depends on the RP of your character, For explain @cjackson821 Dr. Jack He collects medicine, for the Medical RP side and Gives a lot of Food and Medicine out to people. We hang out to things as lights to Light up the clinic for people who are lost or hurt.
  3. That is why I ask when does it become offline Base raiding? We talk about offline base raiding, but when does it become offline base raiding?
  4. My question is when does it become Offline raiding? How are you suppose to know when someone is on? Ill broken into bases at 3pm and no one was home and I even scouted the place for a few hours? What about people who play in the EU? Its day time for them, other parts of the world it is night time.
  5. I agree Zombies Health do need to be lowers, you shoot a person in the head with one bullet they dies instantly, It take two or three High caliber ammo to kill one in the head. I know the Dayzrp Dev can't do it, But i wish zombies had a solid Model, where you can't phase through the zombie while swinging a knife around.
  6. I dont mind the zombies its just nuts after killing 20 of them, and turning around to kill another 20 more 10 secs later.
  7. Hello it starting to become a chore to to kill zombies in sitnik near the clinic or any other place for the matter of fact any place.... You kill everywhere from 15-20 then like you walk 50 yards there is 20 more. I mean its not even fun anymore..... I believe overall zombies spawning needs to be turned down.
  8. I reply to your question, I would be nice to have One major hospital in Livonia. Even if Topolin is a major city of industrial, If you look around in the industrial area it isnt the safest area and would have been prone to Injuries. I mean one hospital wouldnt be that bad would it?

    1. Ducky


      Right, but clinics should be able to suffice?

      Any major injuries would probably have been taken north and closer to larger urban centers, basically out of the Nadbor region.


      If there is a lot of doctor characters I'd settle down in a clinic somewhere instead, it makes a lot more sense for the region and looks cleaner anyway when you compare the rural terrain to their locations.

    2. Wulf



      In the town of Radunin there is a large military base that connects to the Fema tents. Half of this military base has been retrofitted into a hospital complex with large buildings and hospital beds strewn around the place amongst other medical stuff.

      If your really looking for something larger than a clinic to conduct your medicinal practices you might wanna check that place out.

    3. DStacey



      We have check that place out, It is crawling with infected, The purpose of the tents where for screening to determine  whether people was infected. There is also piles of dead bodies there, that may scare off people from our RP. Also it may cause toxic RP towards us.

    4. Wulf


      Oh, erm. I wasn't recommending the Fema tents, if that's what you thought? I was recommending the military portion that was seemingly converted for medical use. But it is close to the tents, and is full of infected, so probs would be more hassle than its worth.

      No like it matters now, as there may be a hospital popping up in the near future 😁

  9. Is there a Way to get a Hospital add to Livonia without having 10 man group or without building around a small client? We having alot doctors popping up. It would useful to have one. Please let him know.
  10. Dayz isnt your Military Simulation Games, DayZ is a survival Game. I understand your character may RP as he was in the Military or Your Group is Military, but there are plenty of guns already, were it affects the spawn rate of Weapon. I do believe @Padlock post about lore items are a good idea or even @CrescentGent idea of adding melee weapons. (like I would like to see skins for different knives)
  11. I really depends on the Character. My current Character is a geologist. In his bag you will find Tools, Rocks, A pickaxe or a shovel. He hangs around Doctor Jack @cjackson821 Even though he is a Geologist He will have food, and Medical supplies. Jack taught him Basic First Aid and CPR. My current Character does how ever carry a Shotgun for Bears, Wolfs, and infected. I have seen other "Doctors have no Medical supplies and have three gun large guns. I think is really dumb, but everyone is entitled on how to play there characters.
  12. I understand the new rule. My next question, What if I die (to zombies) and my friend is with me, and he grabs my stuff. I dont return to the place i die but i meant up with my friend less than an hour of my death. Is that allowed? I mean My friend could play it off as he found the stuff. Im just asking so I dont get baan.
  13. Hello, My name is Damien Martin I am studying to become a Geologists. I came from America and my college offers a study abroad. My Application was accepted and I was allowed to stay in topolin, Livona with a small family for 2 years. Towards the end of my stay, the outbreak happened. I was down by the river studying the effects of erosion when I heard a lot of screaming and gun fire. I look up from the river I see people screaming and running about. I start to walk back with the few rocks I collected from the river. I made it back to the Small families house. I notice the door is open as I enter the house I see blood coming from a bedroom. I walk into the bedroom I see all three family members dead and infected over one of the bodies. I incidentally started throwing the rock I collect at the infected hoping one member is alive. The infected starts to turn and lugs at me. I had a pocket knife on me and I pulled it out and stab the infected. I Left the house and headed south of topolin. Since then I have been studying different types of rocks, plants, and soil. Trying to find out where and how this outbreak came from, Some say it came from the water we drink and it has been making people sick. I have been studying the types of rocks from the watering hole. Unfortunately I don’t have a lab to study the rocks or soil. Some say it comes from the food that are plant based. I have noticed different color leaves on the same plant. My goal is to build a lab for my testing, but I will need to find help and a safe place to build the lab.
  14. I would really appreciate it if @Roland could take a look at my appeal, Please.
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