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  1. I would really appreciate it if @Roland could take a look at my appeal, Please.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/97208-s1-kos-cherno/ Why the verdict is not fair: I did not lie in my report as was claimed. Like I said in my report, we were told that people were being held up in the building. When we got to the building we heard the voice telling people to put their hands up; however, we did not know that they were talking to us. It is not that I did not want to comply. At first, I did not know they were talking to us. When I did realize that I went to put my hands down and comply, but was shot immediately, as you can see in the video that was posted about the report. I was shot as I was lowering my weapon to put my hands up (https://plays.tv/s/ME0QOZpnVC2r). At no point did I lie in my report. The guy that was with us was at our time not known to be an undercover and giving away our exact location over discord while standing right next to us, which I understand is not against server rules, but is a very lousy form of RP for a server that claims to be a serious RP server. Also, it seems that the person in at the bottom of the stairs was never actually pulled into the report. Another person who had limited hours in the server was pulled, but it seems that whoever they were actually weren’t involved with the description they gave of the matter. Therefore, the full story of the report wasn’t even given. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Also, the person that made the final decision on my appeal is known to be associated with the person that my claim was against. Therefore, I feel that it was unfair that he made the final decision in the appeal. “The House” was disbanded for the focus on hostile RP and staff felt it was important enough to not give them group rights because of their focus on hostility. However, it seems the group has just joined an already approved group and continue to do hostile RP which now gives them group rights so they can pull debatably “good RP” like the situation that they got us into here. You can even hear them in the video they posted about shooting us in the back even before they gave us a chance to comply or even understand that it was them. So as you can see they are still focusing on the aspect of hostility. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban removal What could you have done better?: I do not know what I could have done better. I did not lie in my report and once I understood they were talking to us, I was not given time to respond. With my understanding of the situation, I thought they were talking to the people who we were told were already being held up in the building.
  3. We were told over the radio that people were being held up in the building. So our first reaction to hearing the voice saying put your hands up, we thought that they were talking to people that were already upstairs. So we moved upstairs. Charlie started to move back downstairs and I just followed. Once I realized that they were actually talking to us I was going to put my gun down and put my hands up when I was shot by the guy in the red shirt. The other thing is, that he was "talking over the radio" giving our position away while standing right next to us. And with the audio you can hear in that video "I am going to shoot them" you can tell they had the intentions of killing us the whole time. I would understand going undercover to find out about groups but to talk about players positions during a hostile situation while standing right next to them is some crap. However, as you can see in the video before I was gunned down, I was stopping to put my hands up at the same time Charlie decided to open fire on someone I could not see down the stairs and that is when I was shot by the guy in the red shirt.
  4. Server and location: S1 cherno Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5/29/2019 3:05 Your in game name: James Carter II Names of allies involved: Chris Jackson, phoenix, unknown and unknown Name of suspect/s: please check logs Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no screenshot or video Detailed description of the events: Our friend phoenix was being held, Chris and I along with two others went up into a building. I heard hey if your in the building put your hands up. I put my hands up and the next thing I know is we started to walk down stairs, one guy that has been around us for about 15 mins and asking about chip, pulled ak out of the blue and shot me as soon as my allied walked down there and tried to fire at the guy yelling at us, I was complying with demands and I felt my death wasn't right.
  5. James Carter II: Hi, My name is James Carter II, I once lived in Miami, Florida One thing you need to know is that I have Emphysema, please don't make fun of my scratchy voice. I came from a rough background of abuse. I met a guy name Ivan in San Andrea, I became his body guard. Some really bad things happen, and I am on the run. I decided to run to Chernarus to start a new life. I just hope my passport gets approved. I have a few cousins in Chernarus who sent this post card.*Shows Card* writes Greeting from Chernarus! My mother said they are good people. I can't wait to see my cousin, who knows I may turn my life around and become a Nurse. Then again I may not become a nurse, I maybe come a bounty hunter. I may hunt others in Chernarus who maybe out to hurt my cousins and or there friends, then again I may one day turn my back on them for a pretty penny. I specialize in close combat and Shotgun, Once a week I go to the range to practice. My goal is to live a long life and find myself and my long lost family members, That was all before July 24, 2017, After the infection came about most of my friends and family are dead, I just Chris Jackson who is my cousin and myself. Ivan lived in Chernarus along with Damien and Colton. He Saved me from the infected, now I am in his debt. I promised myself and to him that I would protect him until the very end. Chris and I came a crossed a group name Wolf Pack, apparently need knew them, with me being new to Chernarus I have much to learn, I in trust in Chris and the wolf pack. I will follow and see where the road takes me.
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