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  1. James Carter II: Hi, My name is James Carter II, I once lived in Vice City. One thing you need to know is that I have Emphysema, please don't make fun of my scratchy voice. I came from a rough background of abuse. I met a guy name Ivan in San Andrea, I became his body guard. Some really bad things happen, and I am on the run. I decided to run to Chernarus to start a new life. I just hope my passport gets approved. I have a few cousins in Chernarus who sent this post card.*Shows Card* writes Greeting from Chernarus! My mother said they are good people. I can't wait to see my cousin, who knows I may turn my life around and become a Nurse. Then again I may not become a nurse, I maybe come a bounty hunter. I may hunt others in Chernarus who maybe out to hurt my cousins and or there friends, then again I may one day turn my back on them for a pretty penny. I specialize in close combat and Shotgun, Once a week I go to the range to practice. My goal is to live a long life and find myself and my long lost family members, That was all before July 24, 2017, After the infection came about most of my friends and family are dead, I just Chris Jackson who is my cousin and myself. Ivan lived in Chernarus along with Damien and Colton. He Saved me from the infected, now I am in his debt. I promised myself and to him that I would protect him until the very end. Chris and I came a crossed a group name Wolf Pack, apparently need knew them, with me being new to Chernarus I have much to learn, I in trust in Chris and the wolf pack. I will follow and see where the road takes me.
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