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  1. I will be taking duck tape as currency now
  2. First off id like to point out im playing a char that is very sneaky, a thief and just all out chaotic, I ran across this base and i needed supplies, food water ect, i simply did just that. Pretty sure you can see in the logs what i took, and that i simply damaged just the combo lock took the stuff. i didn't have anything to do with the destroying of the base. fact i frown upon it. Just gonna make it all clear that i really didn't have anything to do with this and yet i still don't know why i'm involved.
  3. *You hear many voices in the background as the radio comes to life over the static* We m...... may be alike.............. But we are not the same. We share the same tongue. Lets not cr...... cross our bad sides..... *You hear screams in the background as the radio dies*
  4. *Radio comes to life* I........I........ I Will be watching over BEREZINO. A........ALL THAT MEATY FLESH...... *You hear a evil laugh as the radio dies*
  5. *The Radio Comes To Life* *You hear many British accents in the background* Wh....#static# What leader. *You hear multiple people shouting "The Hunt Is On"* *The Radio Dies*
  6. *Joel takes a seat at his blood ridden table* *He sighs deeply as he puts his finger on the radio button* He..#Sss#....Hello? If anybody is out there i will be on this radio freq at dawn and du......#Static# dusk I will broadcast my events of the days to come as i think everything will shortly come to a end for me. *You hear coughing over the radio as if Joel is sick* If anybody is listening, Please take my advice. Help doesn't go unnoticed. Ho..... Hope is real *You hear a loud bang as Joel passes out on his table*
  7. *Joel Holds down the radio button Swiftly* *You hear what seems like multiple British accents in the background" C.....C.......#Static# Count us in. HahAhAHahA *You hear multiple people slowly beating their fists on the table and laughing in the background* *The Radio dies*
  8. *Joel pushes down the radio button* "I will not be scared or pushed out of a place id like to call my new home." *Joel laughs into the radio* "Good luck finding me"
  9. *Joel continues to sharpen his knife as he presses the radio button* *he speaks in a depressed state but calm voice* "I've given up with finding the good people in this world" *He signs deeply and releases the radio button*
  10. *Joel Pushes the radio button as he smokes his cigarette* I'm fed up of all these so called "dedicated to a good cause" kinda guys. *You hear Joel slam his hunting knife into the wooden table he is currently sat at* Can't you see the world has been purged enough, Can't we just survive not as one. But together. If you can't live by what makes us human. I guess ill see you around. *Joel laughs as he takes his finger off the radio button*
  11. *Joel drops his knife from harvesting his fresh Deer kill* *pressing down on his radio button* After meeting you in person i thought you were a good guy. Trading peoples kindness for your own personal greed doesn't sit well with me or my partner. *He laughs while cleaning the blood of his hunting knife* I hope you get whats coming to you. Don't ever think you'll get the kindness i showed you if we meet again. Until next time "friend" *Joel releases the button while he sheathes his hunting knife*
  12. Ex British forces 1st merican company. Joined at 16 trained to kill from a young age, lost his Mother due to his step farther abusive relationship with his mother. After his first tour in Russia what was meant to be a 3 month training tour. The outbreak happened as he was training in South Zagoria, Chernarus. It Spread like wild fire and before he knew it he lost his best friend called Jack who also served with him from a young age and was on tour with him. Lost after a Zeek rushed his camp and Joel and Jack was separated. Before Joel left his camp he managed to quickly arm himself with a SA80 grabbed a few MRE's and his canteen. cut through the barbed fence at the back of his tent and made a run for the nearest Forrest and sat at the top of the tree line and watched as his camp quickly turned to chaos, Gunfire,Explosions,fire. After 5 minutes of staring at his camp he made his way deeper into the forest where he hopes he can survive and search for his friend Jack and both return home and hope that this illness and outbreak hasn't reached anywhere else.
  13. Hey guys. Names Jack. Been roleplaying quite a bit in other games. Been a fan of DayZ for quite a while so i thought id give this thing a shot. Planning on being active on this forum till my Application is hopefully accepted and we can all get into the experience. Feel free to comment your guys Chars. I'd love to hear a few of your backstories and current stories and experiences during playing Dayz. Till next time -Jack o7
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