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  1. Martt

    DayZRP Standalone Friendly list.

    Martt - =TP= Martt
  2. Hey guys, just new here. I travelled all over the map right now, almost at Guba now to play with you guys. Should I continue my quest to Guba or wait just outside the airfield for a relocation? BTW if you look on the map there is a strange figure in the map: http://imgur.com/MMeSj6Y Somebody knows what it means? Greetings!
  3. Hi there, Just signed up this afternoon. Have been playing for a while on the standalone server and met some cool people there, some of DayZRP that explained me some things about the game, thanks to you guys! Because of you I joined this community and hope to meet you guys in Guba or an other place! Maybe I'm going to try the other DayZRP also, but for now I'm playing the standalone! Greetings, Martt PS: Krimbo and an other guy, I forgot his name (met him in Guba) thanks for explaining