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  1. *out of boredom decides to reply, presses PTT* ”Howdy Partners! The name’s Mr.Stone, I used to be an AV tech in high school so I’m sure I still know my way around those pesky audio cables. I suppose I could help ya’ll find supplies if you need it too, give me the location of ya’ll’s station and I might be able to stop by tonight.” *releases PTT, lays back down by the fireplace*
  2. Nigel B Hardman

    Open Frequency 109.2 [Help]

    *hearing all this on a walk through the woods, chuckles*
  3. *takes a seat by the campfire* *takes paper and a pen from bag, while cracking open a pipsi cola, begins to jot* 04/08/19 Today hasn’t turned out too bad. I started off almost losing my life to a group of infected. I got lost somewhere in the north-west end of Chernarus where I turned to my radio to make a frantic call for help. I didn’t hear a response at first but I came across two friendly survivors who were able to help me with directions. After a short conversation and trading of food, they agreed to take me back to their camp. This community was like no place I’ve seen before. If it wasn’t for these two I wouldn’t have known truly how many others like me there were. This camp had beautiful shelter and an abundance of like-minded people. They welcomed me in and gave me a tour but unfortunately I was arriving at a low point for the camp. I do not wish to reminisce on these memories but I plan to return there soon. I hope they continue to allow me to work alongside them, I’d love to have somewhere to stay. - Mr.Stone *stashes note along with other daily journals, has a rest*
  4. *Decides to give the radio another go, presses PTT* Hello again, I am the survivor who was lost without food. I was found by two others who brought me back to their camp where they informed me I was in the area of Vybor at the time of my last call. They supplied me with water, batteries, and a compass. I heard the UN ended up responding to my cry for help, if you guys hear this I appreciate it. Over. *Stashes radio in backpack*
  5. *Plugs in battery to radio, lights flicker as I slowly press PTT for the first time* Hello, if anybody can hear this i’m lost and I need help. I’m not sure where I am but I’ve come across an abandoned military base. There’s a large HQ with a few barracks surrounding it. This is my third attempt at reaching another human over the radio and I need food. I will continue to check my radio for noise but I can not waste my battery. *Waits a minute, no response* *Saddened, unplugs the battery from the radio*
  6. Growing up in Denver was nice, I got to feel parts of the city life while being right next to the mountains. Ever since I was a little kid I remember being an outdoorsman. Being an eagle scout was just part of the process. My father and I spent countless weekends out in the woods, hunting and camping anywhere we saw fit. It wasn't long before I knew I wanted to be a Police Officer. High school turned to college, and before I knew it I was in the academy. I made sure to do plenty of training outside of what I was already receiving to make sure I was able to do my job to the best of my ability. I decided that little old Denver wasn't enough for me, and I decided to move out to LA. Here I secured a job working for the LAPD and quickly rose through the ranks. I decided that I loved criminal justice so much I wanted to share my knowledge with others. I began teaching at local universities and that led to traveling cross country. I've made trips to Canada, parts of Mexico, Spain, and even Istanbul. My next journey is taking me to this country called Chernarus where I plan to speak at a high school in Chernogorsk, their largest city. My flight is in only 5 days and I'm just now writing my speech!
  7. 04/07/19 IIIII II - Infected II - Goats I - Boar I - Chickens Well, I’m doing okay considering my circumstances. I was able to spot a group of goats and take down two of them. I’ve been starving. I found a nice large abandoned barn to set up a small campfire, being able to finally kick the boots off and enjoy a roast was great. For the first time I’ve come across a human as well. Gunshots rang out what sounded like doors down from where I was. It was a single nice man named Jack. He seemed to be in good shape and had no trouble leaving a mob of dead infected beings. I won’t forget Jack as being the first person I’ve met whose still sane, and I regret not asking more about what’s going on. He was nice enough to give me a compass and directed me to the coast. I plan to stay on the route of my Mission Trip and make my way to this city called Chernogorsk. - Nigel B. Hardman
  8. Goodluck with your white-listing, it’s worth every inch of work. Chernarus is big enough for the two of us!
  9. Thank you everyone, I appreciate it!
  10. Hello Everyone! I’m excited to finally become a part of this community and I can’t wait to interact with you all in the future. I look forward to seeing what’s in store ahead. I’ve personally been a part of RP communities since 2014 so I hope you all enjoy our interactions!
  11. Minister Nigel B. Hardman originally worked for the Cape Town Unity Church. He was a strong leader who's messages touched every person who walked through the doors. Hardman went to school for Religious Teaching and was living his dream before this catastrophic outbreak occurred. His family has slowly lost hope that Nigel will return, leading his oldest son to take care of Hardman's wife and second child. Nigel has no intentions other than to survive and in the meantime help anyone he meets on his path. Mr. Hardman continues to keep a journal on his day to day life and hopes one day he can spark enough change for humanity to kick in.
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