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  1. Somewhere in Central Chernarus, a Corporation Operator stirs out of slumber during his brief nightly rest. He sits up against the trunk of the cedar he was resting beneath and draws his wool blanket tightly around his broad shoulders, quietly blending into the shadows for the underbrush. “What woke me up?” The operator ponders in his mind as he wraps it fingers tightly around his Combat Knife.  He peers into the thick blackness pressing in all around him, and as his eyes adjust to the dark he slowly begins to make out shapes of trees, broken brush and scattered organic debris along the forest floor. “Something is lurking there...watching me...waiting for an opening...” These thoughts hammer through the skull of the seasoned operator, he couldn’t see his foe. He merely felt its presence, a primal, malicious consciousness stretching its tendrils through the dark, cold night. “This is no man.” The operator thinks, “No man can face the primal dark with such prowess, all men fear the dark. This is a beast of these woods, and I am a trespasser in his home.” The operator sits in absolute silence, the only sounds were the slow rhythmic beating of his own heart pumping blood and oxygen through his muscles. There he sat tensed as a coiled viper waiting to strike out at any would be assailant. Time passed and then it happened, the clouds parted for a moment and with the silver beams of moonlight passed through the forest canopy. The operator saw the flash of two large eyes 30 feet in front of his position, then the outline became clear, a lone grey wolf stood crouched waiting for his moment to kill. The two apex predators locked eyes, both knowing the other would not yield, and in half the span of a single heartbeat... the fight was on. It would be a battle of titans, both hunters, both killers, both without a single ounce of fear in their heart. The two warriors fought with an intense primal rage that would shake the foundations of even the most hardened soldiers. Then all grew still. The clouds blanketed the moon once again and the forest floor grew dark and the silent blackness once again swallowed the world inside the forest.


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