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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, unfortunately the link you sent me didn't help But thanks for trying Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see this comment, thank you so much the problem is fixed
  2. Hello, again, I am having yet another problem with joining DayZRP Servers. I have installed the 103718 Beta Patch for Arma 2 CO and the game itself runs fine, however, when I install the DayZRP1.3.1.exe file (available on this website) it comes up with bad version. Any help would be amazing, and I know there will be someone who answers almost immediately. Thank you very much
  3. Can a staff member mark this as solved now GamesLamest? Most Definitely, thanks Pandi:D
  4. Thank you all for the rapid reply. I love you all. Great community!!! THANK YOU:)
  5. I have recently been whitelisted to play on DayZRP Servers, like most people in this forum, however, I can not play due to the dayz_anime requires... pop-up thingy. I have been told to re-install the game. Will this remove my GUID from the list? Will I be given another GUID? Will I have to appy for another whitelist? Please help, I have been dying to play this Mod, so any forn of help will be amazing!
  6. Have you been whitelosted yet? You may not have reached the desired information the guys want. Sorry about typos cba to fix them im sending this from the kindle paperback.